Morph problem...any help is really welcome!

  • Hi, guys.

    I have a problem that take me days for resolve and I to start very tired and a bit disperate.

    I have been worked in Genesis figure in poser 2014, I make dozen of special character using a genesis figure like base, but personalizing those with Morphs Inj. that take me LOTS OF HOURS. (not just bodies but faces etc.)
    Now I was in the need of formatting my computer since I work a lot with it and the computer need it (take hours for start)
    So I just was thinking that was a good chance to try the new poser 11 and make a new library for change the order of the old one that was a mess.

    So I make a entire new library (with the same material, morphs and figures of the oldone, but in a more clear order, instal poser 11 and after that, when I try to open my .pz3 file with the characters with all the morphs...they have dessapear!!! I mean, seems like they are there, but just in a form of a thin black line. I send an image for better explanation.

    Seems that the problem is in Python (like you can see in the python window). At the side you can see all dthe dials and the configuration seems ok, but i cannot visualiza the morphs.
    I comeback to the old poser2014 with the old library but the problem now is the same there...

    I have try to reinstalling again the poser but that dont work...

    Those morphs takeme days of work and I need them. anyone have an idea of what is the problem? any help is REALLY welcome

    0_1479940504084_Python problem.jpg