Dark working area.

  • Could someone please tell me why my work area is so dark and how can I correct this/
    Thank you.0_1548074349427_Work Area Poser.JPG

  • @catdancing cue the Simon and Garfunkel "Hello darkness, my old friend"... :-)

    Can you post a screenshot of your light widget, so we don't have to guess what we're looking at?
    0_1548076942208_Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 12.21.48 am.png 0_1548076970484_Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 12.21.35 am.png

  • Hey Anomalaus. Thank you kindly for your reply. Like the Simon & Garfunkle reference. I do Scarborough Fair with my guitar.

    Light widget attached.
    You have a great day.
    0_1548078379860_Light Widget.JPG

  • Hi again Anomalaus. - After your last post I experimented referring to your attachment and found that I could bring in mote lights. Wonders will never cease - thank you.

    I now have another problem that you may be able to help with please. I have lines at the edges of my images. Please see attached capture of the head of Gen 2 Female.

    At least I'm getting things done.

    Take care.0_1548081013108_Unwanted Lines.JPG

  • @catdancing That looks like the preview display, you need to render the image (Firefly or Superfly) to get proper results

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    Hi, if you did a full installation (that includes the Support files),you will find a 1.000+ pages users manual in your documentation folder. (+ Some quick guides to get you going)

    Alos, inside tha app, you will find some tutorials under
    Top Row => Window => Quick start.
    And under the Room help, you will also find some help in the different rooms. (The results here depend on what room you are in. Pose, Material, and so on.

    You also have direct access to the Poser manual going top row:
    Top Row => Help => Poser Reference Manual => Yep, that's the 1.000 page + complete user manual in pdf format.

    Best regards, Tony

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    PS, and almost forgot.
    If you want to get rid of these lines, there are different possibilities.
    One of them is to right click on the ground panel (outside of your figure, be sure to have the ground panel selected, and change the Object style there.

    Or do it generally using the Document Display buttons in your (by default because you can drag and drop the layout to your liking, but by default in your left side colum under your light setup buttons.

    Or, did I say there are lots of options?
    Or, you can go Top Row again => Go To Display => and set the Document Style, Figure Style and Object Styles there.;

    Best regards, Tony

  • @catdancing if you're referring to the lines around the eyelashes and the G2F figure's head, rather than the grid on the floor/background, which @vilters referred to, they are due to the "vertex cage" of DSON imported figures like G2F, which is displayed in figure outline mode and will never appear in an actual render. What you see of the figure (its skin surface) is the actual DSON subdivided figure which will be rendered. Native Poser figures and pre-Genesis figures do not require the DSON add-on to be used in Poser.

    In reference to the floor/background grid, that is also a feature of objects, figures and the whole document Style selections, which are designed to aid visibility and posing in the Preview. They will (generally) never appear in an actual FireFly or SuperFly render (unless the user applies a material which makes the facet boundaries visible). If you open the Raytrace Preview window and click its Render button, you will observe the difference between Render and Preview appearances, without committing to a full render.

  • @amethystpendant Hi, just wanted to say thanks for your input, it all helps the learning curve,
    Have a nice day.

  • @vilters Hi and thank you for responding to my post. You have provided me with helpful information.
    Have a nice day.

  • @anomalaus Hi - I've been looking back over some of my requests and am not sure I thanked you for responding to my post. I apologise for such bad manners. Thank you for your reponse.
    Have a nice day.

  • @catdancing you're most welcome. You can save yourself some RSI with thankyous, by just clicking on the little caret '^' next to the number after Reply and Quote, which upvotes a post. Holding your cursor over the number will also show who else has upvoted a post. :-)