Putting a V3 outfit on a V4 character.

  • @fverbaas
    Thanks for this info. I think I've seen a V4 to V3 somewhere in my runtime (maybe it came when I bought V4 from DAZ). I hadn't considered 'reversing' the dials as you suggest!

    I have received some other advice here so I'll try that first. If I get no luck, I'll try to trigger the 'demand' that you mentioned :)


  • @estherau
    Thanks! That sounds like it could be the thing... I'll pop into the fitting room and see what's occurring...

  • @fverbaas I would LOVE a V3 morph injection. Of course, I would also like a (SM) G2 & Miki 2 morph injection too.

  • @rsk
    The prefitter, as the name says, does a pre-fitting for the fitting room. Here is more info.

  • @ssgbryan
    Let me see how this comes about. I have PE and Antonia to go first.

  • @fverbaas
    Thank you very much - I can also use the PE and Antonia too - I use all the figures.

  • There are two other options for fitting one characters clothing to another which people seem to have forgotten about. (This is especially important if you don't have the pro version of poser as the base version doesn't have the fitting room.)
    One is wardrobe wizard. This is a script in poser, the poser manual explains about using it. However as supplied with poser it does not support vicky3 and Vicky 4. However you can purchase the extra figure support from PhilC's site
    You would need to buy both the v4 support and the pack that covers v3.
    The second option is cross dresser from EvilInnocence
    The program is free but you need to buy the licence for the figure you want to convert TO only

  • One other option no one has yet suggested and will only work with some items depending on how they are made. You could convert them to dynamic clothing. I would imagine you could also convert to a prop and then rerig in the setup room, but I don't know anything about that and it might be more trouble than it's worth.

  • @j-naylor73
    I bought WW before it became part of Poser and Xdresser the day I found out about it , along with all of the modules that were made for them. Some things work better in WW, some things work better with Xdresser. I have a netbookfor Xdresser (Xd doesn't run very well in emulation, i.e. it crashes at least once in every conversion.)

    I am planing for the future - 32-bit OS support in OSX is going the way of OS9, so that isn't a long term option (the same can be said for 32-bit Python). We are going to lose a LOT of functionality when this happens.

    Redphantom - Dynamic conversion is hit or miss - I have done a bit of that as well.

    The issue with dynamic clothing in my case, is no longer the computer (Mac Pro 4,1 2 6-core @ 2,93Ghz, 96Gb memory), but is the fact that I don't do pin up art - my stuff isn't single image stills, but multi character scenes.

    Currently, I save out each figure with their uniform or outfit as 1 figure, and then reduce the polygons (Cthulhu, I LOVE the Pro version of Poser.), so I can get multiple figures in a scene.

    My biggest issue with Poser right now is that the UI becomes unresponsive @ 6Gb of memory use, and I hit that a lot.

  • @ssgbryan I don't do pinups either. I illustrate my novels. Most of my scenes have at least half a dozen people in them. Some have more. I think I topped off at 40. I don't bother with reducing polygons or combining figures except for background figures. I get too much poke-through on skirts and long tunics and can't morph it out. My figures are saved clothed too. Those that wear dynamic clothes are saved with them parented. I run the simulation and then spawn a morph target. I also often drape skirts on conforming clothing. Few have decent sitting morphs, and my characters sit, stand, walk run, climb trees and get into fights. I have trouble with large scenes becoming laggy. I often create multiple small scenes, group the figures and then merge them into the scenery.

    But I do agree, and did state, that converting to dynamic doesn't always work. Some things are made in parts and there are no vertices that are close enough to weld. Others have too many frills and details that won't drape well.

  • @redphantom
    I break my scenes up too - I do 60 degree arcs, and cheat a bit with close-ups with whomever is talking. It helps that most uniforms are shirt & pants. My characters are an active bunch (Service in Starfleet will do that to one.)

    I understand about converting conforming to dynamic - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I view anything conforming I can make dynamic a bonus. I don't sweat it when something doesn't work, because I am trying to get the outfit to do something it was never designed to do.

  • @rsk Yep, if it's just getting V3 clothes to fit V4, the easiest option is to just use the V4.2 to V3 figure instead (/character/DAZ People/V4.2 to V3.cr2). It's a cross between V4 and V3. It uses V4's head, so you can use your V4 hair, textures etc, but V3's body, so any V3 clothes will fit it perfectly.