Character changing clothes in a timeline?

  • I'm rendering a series of stills in the same setting and several renders in the central character goes into the bathroom, closes the door and in the next frame she's only wearing a bath towel. Thing is, if I delete the clothing or make the clothing not visible that applies to all previous and future frames which is troublesome for me as I will likely need to go back and make minute changes to those previously rendered stills. How does Poser understand "X and Y clothing on character A for this range of frames, but not on frames after that range"?

  • @duanemoody I would experiment with moving the first set of clothes out of frame and then moving the second set into frame. Good luck!

  • @duanemoody, i would just make a copy of the scene and work in one scene with one set of clothing and vice versa.
    I use this "technic" for every frame i like to render from, because if i want to make a change, or something that i might have missed at this time can easely be corrected in this way.

  • @duanemoody OK, this is something I do all the time. For any of the clothing figures, you can select the BODY actor and then click on the Properties tab in the Parameters palette. You will then see this:
    0_1548569042618_Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 5.03.24 pm.png

    To the right of the Visible check box is a Key icon. Clicking this will create and enable a new parameter which allows keyframe animation of that figure's visibility. Back in the Parameters tab, you will now see something like this:
    0_1548569183764_Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 5.05.56 pm.png

    At each frame, you can now show or hide that particular figure using just this"Visible" dial, without affecting any other frames (given the proviso that unkeyed frames will be interpolated between the keyed frames, and act as a constant following the last keyframe for that parameter).

  • @anomalaus GAH! I had no idea that was what the key meant so I never bothered to click it. Maaaaaan this would have saved me so much trouble with a lot of work I've done. Thank you for posting this, now I know and oh it's gonna save me a lot of frustration in the future.