Rows And Rows Of CDs/DVDs - Trying To Make A Simple Model For...

  • This thread has been created to split off the subject of creating CDs/DVDs from my Books thread (Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...), since the transparent cases are turning out to be far too much fun,and abig distraction from the main subject of that thread, i.e.books.

    I'll copy the relevant posts from that thread in a short while...

  • It started with this post - 'Sidetrack: CDs or DVDs.' which I'll duplicate below.

    Sidetrack: CDs or DVDs.
    Over on the ShareCG page for the most recent upload I've had a request for a row of CDs/DVDs.
    The Minimalist Paperback (07MPB - 8 vertices/6 faces per book) with xScale=49%, yScale=71%, and zScale=133.5% makes each 'book' the standard CD/DVD case size (i.e. 0.9 x 12.5 x 14cm) which might suffice for background stuff. A white (or black) line around each spine on the texture might suffice to give the impression of a white/black plastic case.
    But I can't help wondering if I can do something to a bit better.
    So start with a box inside a box, putting the existing bookrows texture on the inner box, and doing something to make the outer box look a bit more like transparent plastic.
    Here's three identical box meshes with the same mat on the inner box.

    • The leftmost one uses 0.5 transparency on the outer box. Unrealistic.
    • The middle one uses bagginsbill's beerglass mat on the outer box. Inner box is in shadow of outer- unrealistic.
    • The rightmost one is the same as the middle one, but with 'Cast Shadows' UNticked. No shadow at all- unrealistic.
      Different problems with each.
      Any thought, comments,suggestions very welcome.
      alt text

  • ...and the next post was this...

    A bit more playing with the CD/DVD,basically separating the case from the inner bit to get around that cast shadows thing.
    Thoughts, comments ? Yes, it does look like a huge block of perspex with stuff embedded in it !
    alt text

  • So now it's time for some new stuff. To avoid the 'single huge block of perspex' look I thought 'why not put a small gap between the cases. And the top/bottom edges of CD boxes usually have those ridges that it's fun tou run your fingernail along.
    The gap is easy-peasy. My first thought for the ridgy bits was to use bump,so I remapped the cases and created a simple bump map.

    Using bagginsbill's beerglass material (from BB's Glass of Beer prop at ShareCG) as before I applied the bump map to bump and rendered. The render appeared to freeze as it reached the CD caseand my laptop fan went into overdrive. I gave it about ten seconds and then cancelled the render. Iremembered an old equation...

    Refraction + Reflection + Bump + My Laptop = Not A Good Idea

    I think that using refraction/reflection is the way to go, so can I find another way to do those ridges? I found a tatty old CD case in a cupboard, gave it a quick eyeball, and thought 'I might get away with just using black and white lines'. Quickly abandoned that idea without even trying it,but thought 'what about white lines,but use refract/reflect where the black lines are?' So here's 0_1548597116154_tricksy.jpg what I tried:
    And here's a render:
    I think it's an improvement over the solid-block-of-perspex look.And this timeI remembered to make the groundplane visible so you see the shadows of the inner boxes.And my laptop washappy.

  • I should have mentioned that I used 4 bounces for the raytrace render settings, and the green and red Background colours for the Refract and Reflect nodes are just something I use to make it obvious if I have enough bounces set - in the render you can see some red at the bottom of the cases indicating that it ran out of bounces at a refraction.
    I'm also using AO, and that confused me to start with, because the cases were causing shadows on the inners via AO. I had to raise the AO Bias from 0.09 default to 0.3 to stop this. I thought the shadow on the ground directly under the leftmost CD wasAO too because it was jagged, but then Ir ealized that it's the shadow caused by the white bits from the bump map
    Anyway,another render- same thing but with the infinite light moved slightly and a new point light (I'dhoped to get a reflection/specular from it, but positioned it wrongly. My laptop fan went into semi-overdrive (i.e. it became audible, but not enough to start me worrying) forthis one.
    0_1548599489548_Render 2.jpg