I just installed Poser 11 and can't get cloth simulations to work. It runs through the simulation just fine but at the last frame the item snaps back to its default position.

  • windows 8.1
    poser pro 11.1.35510

  • @alba11 save the file first, then run the sim. For whatever reason Poser needs the file saved for the sim to work. Someone else around here would know why that is.

  • Try just dragging the pointer on the timeline backwards and forwards a couple of times between frame 1 and the end frame.
    The same thing happens sometimes for me on PP201, but it seems that it's just a display problem (at least for me).

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    Yes saving the project first before draping is the solution.

  • ok, thanks so it works

  • @ghostman Yes, that's what I've been doing as well, though I thought they had fixed that, since I haven't installed the past couple of updates, but a friend who has, said she no longer has to save before running the sim.

    Then again, she's updated to Windows 10, and I'm still running Win7 Pro. Not sure if that's the difference between our experiences with running the sims in the Cloth Room.

  • I have only had this happen when I use a fitting morph in the items in the first frame and dont remove it during the sim. Karanta PE dresses fitted to V4 for example. As long as I zero the fitting morph around frame 15 it does not seem to happen. YMMV

  • I haven't done any sims in unsaved scenes since the latest update. At some update earlier, it seems they had improved it so that it was an intermittent issue. I had some sims hold and some sims pop back. (Not in the same scene though) Usually, when I run a sim in an unsaved scene, I forget to save and hold my breath that it won't pop back, not a cool thing when the simulation takes an hour or 2.

  • @redphantom So IOW, you're saying that as long as the scene has been saved at least once, even before going into the Cloth Room, the sims work without resaving the scene before starting the sim?

    I don't usually do any major work on a scene until after I have all items in the scene, and then save it, though it could be possible I didn't before trying a sim or two after first switching to PP11. I don't recall ever having this issue with P9.

  • I think it depends on whether you have saved a default scene, which I have, in that case if I don't specifically save the scene the .abc files get saved alongside my default scene, I'm guessing that if you haven't got a default scene, poser can't save out the alembic files once the sim is finished. NB you can end up with a lot of .abc files in your poser temp folder if you don't specifically save your scene!

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  • @miss-b yes. You only have to save once. I can load a scene from yesterday and run a simulation and it will be fine. I do recommend saving the scene periodically to avoid other losses and I usually spawn morph targets because on a rare occasion I still load up scenes and find the draping is gone.

  • @redphantom OK, now I'm definitely going to have to try that out and see. I do know I have alembic files in the same folder where I saved the scenes, so at least they're where they should be.

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