A bug with V4 toes morphs?

  • Hi there, people,

    I've just realized that I have a strange issue going on with some of my v4 morphs.

    I got morphs that allows her to move each toe separately, and also a morph that controls the toenails. the morphs are different, and differently, named...but when I apply the toenails morph, it deletes the "4toe spread" morph, and vice versa! I checked the dependencies and saw nothing out of place. any ideas?

  • @gsfcreator can you say what package those morphs come from? V4 has never had individually articulated toes, so it all has to be done with morphs. I only see:
    0_1548686327747_Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 1.38.10 am.png

  • It's from a purchased morphs package. I can dig in my renderosity to find out exactly which one. "perfect feet for V4", maybe...


    the toenails morph is separate, and as you can see, 4toe spread is not there, because if I apply it - it runs over the toenails morph!

  • I doubt that this is "Perfect Toes" because it uses the "Community" channels, while PT creates it's own morph channels by a Python script.

    It looks like there's one of the community channels missing in your V4.

    Now if you inject the morphs and Poser can't find the correct morph channel (they're numbered), it overwrites the first other morph channel it can find.
    Of course, this fucks up the dependencies too:
    From what I see "ToeNailsLong" is now slaved to "4Toe, Lower", which it shouldn't be.

    Do you set the "Toes Spread" dials with a library pose? I guess you do because of the values in the other "spread" dials.

    Do the following:

    Double-click each of the dials and check the morphs' internal numbers.
    Normally they should be in sequence. I there's a gap in the sequence (probably between "4Toe, Lift" and "ToeNailsLong") then you have found the missing channel.

    If you know how to edit a Poser file, then recreate the missing channel. Otherwise please call back and I'll show you how to recreate the channel with the Morph Tool.

    Hope that helped


  • @karina! so nice to hear from you :)

    I'm actually using the toe spread dial that you created with sasha-16 :).

    I have no idea how to edit a poser file...but I'll do what you asked and write back. thanks! <3

  • @karina okay...:

    "From what I see "ToeNailsLong" is now slaved to "4Toe, Lower", which it shouldn't be." - it's not. it's enslaved to it's own master parameter in "body" :). but we still have this problem that I mentioned...

    4toespread is number 33:

    that's the one that comes afterward,s and it's #34 as it should be:


    now when I apply the toenailslong morph....:

    iut runs over #33. always #33. so...how do I fix this and make poser apply this morph to it's own channel?

  • Okay, I've found a fix and it's quite simple: you can simply click the internal name, change it to something else that doesn't exist...and viola. it's fixed :-)

  • Sorry my friend, I lost his thread from my sight because I got no notifications on the recent replies.

    So, belated, I repeat my question from a few weeks ago:

    Do you set this hand pose with the dials when it happens, or do you use a "click" finger pose file from the library?

    If so, then the culprit might be an error in the pose file, addressing the wrong channel.
    Alternatively, it might still be a weird dependency gone wrong in the channels.

    If you'ld like me to have a look at it, please send me a PM (or sitemail, or whatever it's called here), or just pop over to SASHA's forum and we can continue there without worrying about copyright issues...



  • @karina I'm familiar with your forum (there I'm called dreamweaver ;) ) - I should hop by! anyway - this issue, as I wrote, has been solved and rather simply :).