Anyone else got notification from content provider qraffx ?

  • Small Poser content website qraffx suddenly sent me emails about availability of old orders (freebies) which I had in my account years ago. I checked their website and it is under construction now. The WhoIs record was updated 25 January 2019.

    Has anyone else received similar emails from them ? It is very suspicious and odd.

  • I haven't received anything from them, but they used to have lots of stuff at cp, so maybe redoing their website and contacting old customers because of cp closing.

  • @ibr_remote Yes, I had an e-mail regarding two freebies that I'd downloaded in 2013. Like you, I suspected foul play at first, and ran the link through several site checkers. All came up clean, so it's probably just somebody messing with the site who's accidentally re-triggered some long-dead e-mails.

  • I received a similar email. I didn't check the site. I was there about a month ago looking for hair that might suit a "Miraculous Ladybug" character I am trying to create. I thought that might have triggered the email thinking I might have put some things in my shopping cart and got side tracked and not downloaded.

  • @tumble-weed something like this, perhaps?

    Hair is a hybrid of the Gwenith hair bundled with Poser 11 and April's TripleTail hair with lots of extra morphs to balance the tails.

    I forget whether we've already had this conversation, as I'm about to take the Red Pill for some adventures with Morpheus. ;-)

  • @anomalaus Thanks. Yes we have had this conversation. My LadyBug is still very much a work in progress. I ended up using a mix of BKCtoolgirl "Hat hair" for the twin ponytails and Zac hair, I think for Genesis and G2. I started to texture V4's bodysuit, but as you pointed out, texturing the black dots is difficult. Especially the dot on her shoulders as there are three seams joining right where a dot is. Refer picture left shoulder. I played around with the various hair textures and used the blonde with a blue diffuse colour to match the two hair pieces. I will take up your suggestion and modify the face texture to add red around her eyes rather than what you did and cut and add a part of the face mask . When I settle on a V4 texture I like. I did find a nice face morph but I haven't been able to inject it into V4's face mask (using Poser Pro 11.1) I have been back to this since updating to 11.1.1.

  • @tumble-weed I'd suggest adding a layer to the face texture for the eye surrounds, so you don't have to paint over a texture. Just paint a mask and use it to define what's opaque (white) and what's transparent in the mask layer. Don't forget to plug the mask into any specular strength, so you don't get highlights on the skin.

  • @anomalaus Thank you. I will give that a go and see how it turns out.