New La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11 Now Available

  • @thoennes That looks gorgeous!

  • @fverbaas Ok, just tested here: ball underground, pointed both LF's earlobes at the ball. Earrings conformed.


    the only problem with this approach is that you easily reach a head tilt that makes one earring go into her body.


    Edit: but hey, I easily fixed that by manually posing the earrings' extra pendant body part.

  • OK then is nadir for your earrings and not zenith.
    I did the experiment at the time with prop type earrings originally for V3 or so.
    I take it they had the y-axis pointing up, where your danglies have end point below the origin.
    Of course where collisions are involved, all bets are off.

  • @f_verbaas I'm guessing that's for LF' ears, not my earrings specifically ;) My earrings are simply following her earlobes!

  • @afrodite-ohki
    Works really well! except the chain needs to follow more a curve. More complicated rig needed? (bone for each link)

    The "point at" technique looks to save a lot of time. Which is what I'm coming to appreciate about La Femme. As I become more familiar with her rig and morphs, it's becoming even faster to get her to where I want.

  • @afrodite-ohki
    Thank you! ^.^

  • @thoennes I tried making the rig more of a curve, but then the chain was getting detached at some rotations so I left it like that :P

  • @afrodite-ohki
    Ah. Could that be managed with limits?

    Oh, wouldn't the bend have to come from IK anyway? And my experience with Poser IK always ends in tears (Initial enthusiasm, then frustration, finally turning it off).

    Are there chain-bend morphs that can be used to tweak the chain?

  • @thoennes

    Oh, actually the last one, where the earring is penetrating her neck, would look better twisted, I think. That's what it would do in reality, no? There is essentially no resistance to twisting, so when the earring edge hits the neck, it would tend to rotate flat against the neck. The chain would probably want to be a straight(ish) line, since the weight of the earring would pull it and the chain has no resistance to being straightened. It only really has linear resistance. Which is the advantage of a chain (mechanically :D)

  • @thoennes Serious request here. Could someone please explain the frustration you have using IK? I mean, I understand the sliding feet during animation issue, but little else. In fact, I use IK a lot when creating a pose because, I believe, it makes a pose and figure move and look more realistic. So what am I not getting?

  • @eclark1849

    Ah, for me, it was pretty much animation issues. Especially true when the figure is wearing heels.

    I used to use IK to setup initial standing poses, then turn it off and tweak the pose. Since I started using reference photos, It's easier just to pose the figure's joints directly.

    I agree with you. Unless you're very good at posing and/or using reference photos or mocap, I think IK gives a natural feel.

  • @thoennes I uh. I'm an artsy person. I understand none of the technicality LMAO

    To me it looked good enough like that that I decided not to complicate things too much. Most users won't want to pose one body part for each chain link anyway (I wouldn't!).

  • Poser Ambassadors

    You could use Easy Pose Underground to make a chain posable. I don't know if it's working with newer Poser versions, because it's a lot of years ago that I used it. That way you don't need to pose each chain part manually.

    To be honest, I think it's a bit over the top to include that kind of movement in earrings. Most earrings I have seen in the stores are just smart props with a few morphs.

  • @karanta I think it's over the top, too. Most of the movement in these earrings should be done via LF's earlobes anyway, the extra pendant body parts are just for fine tuning.

  • @afrodite-ohki
    It's only over the top if I had to do the work myself :D

  • Is there a forum for la femme development? Specifically, for clothes and such.
    I'm having a bit of weirdness with either the clothing dev rig or Poser's copy morphs. Specifically, the JCM for arms down 85. When this copies, it does very strange things to the vertices. The edge between shoulder and collar is pinched. I first encountered this on a leotard I made, by exporting La Femme (subd off) and hacking the mesh bit in Hexagon, then reimporting it and copying the clothing rig. Everything worked perfectly except the distortion on shoulders down. And specifically, the JCM there. If I editing that morph and applied "smooth" he vertices all did weird things. They kept moving around as if they were spinning or something.
    I tried the same thing, only exporting la femme then reimporting it and rigging with clothing dev. Same thing, so it's nothing Hexagon did to those vertices.
    The easiest thing for me to do was "band-aid" the entire morph away, then redo it with the morph tool. Then it was fine.
    What is happening on this copy?
    To test:

    1. Load LaFemme
    2. Export the hip though chest and forearms. Preserve the groups. Don't mess with scales.
    3. Import that back. Don't mess with scales or location.
    4. In Setup Tab, rig using the clothing DEV rig. Copy morphs, no need to auto-group.
    5. bend a shoulder down. Look at the imported mesh where shoulder meets collar. messed up. Seems to be only this JCM (eg: JCMrArmDown85)

  • There are several youtube tutorials available. Search youtube for "La Femme and Poser"
    The one on JCM's will answer some of your questions.
    You might add a 4.5 step: load La Femme and "copy joint zones from"

  • @thoennes This tutorial on Renderosity deals exactly with that:

    I've followed it from the start and had no problems with rigging for her because of it.

  • @thoennes
    I reported that issue to the developers (Deccey, Nerd) back in March.
    Pending a solution I had to fix the morph manually.

  • Wow, thanks for that, @willyb53, @afrodite-ohki, and @F_Verbaas!
    The videos covered exactly what I experienced, AND showed what I ended up doing to fix the problem but with a better/quicker workflow to get there along with a dose of "deep breath, calm down, expected".

    "Issue reported way back" is reassuring. I'm actually amazed the morphs copy as well as they do. It's so good, that I quickly came to expect it to be perfect for everything all the time. Silly me. Shows how much dev experience I have (~0, and that's rounded to nearest whole number) :D

    PS: omg, sale! I just savaged my budget for the week :p