New La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11 Now Available

  • @thoennes This tutorial on Renderosity deals exactly with that:

    I've followed it from the start and had no problems with rigging for her because of it.

  • @thoennes
    I reported that issue to the developers (Deccey, Nerd) back in March.
    Pending a solution I had to fix the morph manually.

  • Wow, thanks for that, @willyb53, @afrodite-ohki, and @F_Verbaas!
    The videos covered exactly what I experienced, AND showed what I ended up doing to fix the problem but with a better/quicker workflow to get there along with a dose of "deep breath, calm down, expected".

    "Issue reported way back" is reassuring. I'm actually amazed the morphs copy as well as they do. It's so good, that I quickly came to expect it to be perfect for everything all the time. Silly me. Shows how much dev experience I have (~0, and that's rounded to nearest whole number) :D

    PS: omg, sale! I just savaged my budget for the week :p

  • @thoennes I feel good! The video shows the master's hand deftly doing exactly what I stumble through on my own, blindly hacking my way through what seems to work.
    With nice and concise explanation as to why things are the way they are and how they work. I feel ready to tackle (and retackle) some things I'm playing with now that my brain is all topped up with crunchy knowledge goodness (fortified with 8 essential tidbits - part of my nutritious breakfast, despite the spilled latte)
    But first, it's sunny and the pups are nagging for morning walkies.

  • @f_verbaas

    Have a couple more things to add to the update. It be coming, I promise.

    Sorry for the delay, I had a major case of burnout for a couple weeks and needed a serious break. Every time I fired my computer up I stared at the screen and started drooling. You know you're fried when .....


  • If only drool was profitable, somehow. Or maybe a drool powered computer... o.O

    Looking forward to the updates. No rush. My understanding is that when drool gets all over your pixels, you can just air-dry them, and no permanent damage. Now when drool gets into your network bits... well, that's just a mess. Drool goes everywhere. Oddly, at the speed of your fastest network segment, not slowest. Some sort of quantum effect, I guess.

  • @thoennes
    One more thing: If you want to include the body kit morphs, be sure it is the last morph package you load into the donor. If you need to add other morphs later, be sure to re-load the BK morphs again after that. I had surprising 'artistic' effects with some combinations of morphs if I did it the other way round.

    This issue, and solution, were also reported and acknowedged. I have no time or want to go into detail here. For now everything is fine as long as you the BK morph pack last in line.

  • @deecey
    Good to see you back.
    Burnout is a nasty beast. Be careful!

  • @fverbaas ah! that explains some seeming random weirdness I've experienced.

    Question for commercial venders: about people making stuff available for free. Is it cool? I don't like the thought of drawing sales away from similar commercial content. Making content is time consuming, and time is money (Einstein proved this is his special theory of needing to pay the bills). Just because I have some of the former, and don't need more of the latter, doesn't make it cool for me to "give stuff away" when there are people who do this for income.

    Example: I remade the dance leotard I used in my superfly image, using the nifty workflow in nerd's JCM video. I'm very happy with the results; it's quite usable. @Deecey released just such a thing (better, of course). I'm disinclined to "me too" with a similar freebie. When I made mine, there wasn't anything to buy. Now there is.

    I want Poser and La Femme to survive and thrive and I think that means supporting the vendors that support them.

  • @fverbaas

    Tell me about it! My get up and go got up and went. After being pulled in so many different directions for months, the battery got totally drained.

    Back in action now!

  • @thoennes

    Ooops! Didn't realize that, my apologies. I've had a ton of stuff on my plate to convert from Genesis figures to LaFemme (hence, the "pulled in tons of directions" bit) and that was one of dozens that landed on my lap. I think I uploaded it a couple weeks ago for testing and they finally got to it 8-)

    Here's a thought .... perhaps make a short dynamic flounce skirt to go with it (it would actually work with either yours or mine I would think). Above the knee length, or mini length would be cool.

  • @deecey Actually, as I was walking the pups, I had in mind a tutu. Since mine is for dance (those are the scenes I'm into making at the moment. Athletic and dance (performance, casual, and competition). Who doesn't need a tutu? I mean, except tutu haters. They probably don't.

  • @thoennes


  • @thoennes I won't bother speaking for commercial vendors, and maybe things have changed over the last 20 years or so, but when I first started using Poser, a number of the things I first used were freebies. People often miss the importance of freebies because they're thinking small. But freebies are important to the economy of the Poser Market.

    1. Gives artists practice. I learned how to use Blender giving away freebies. At one point I had 4 pages of freebies at Renderosity Freestuff making stuff for the Poser people. I eventually took it down because I was mad at Renderosity.

    2. It gives the artist a following. Freebie or not most people will only use things they like. To this day I still like and use Kozaburo's free hairs even though I do buy from other artists.

    3. It gives an artist a portfolio. As I said, I cut my teeth on freebies. And it also happens to be how I got my store at Content Paradise.

    4. You can try things out. If you go to Share CG, you may still find a Roxie mermaid I made. I had never made one before and didn't know if it would work.

    1. Also, maybe vending just isn't your thing. I have a number of freebies I've made for Dusk and Dawn over the past few years on my computer. A weightbench, skateboard, Snowmobile, Barn, house, Supermarket, a rifle, knife, etc. Just can't pull the trigger on vending. First of all, my texturing sucks. Also, I don't like to inferfere with what someone is making so I'll stop what I'm working on and move on to something else.

  • @thoennes I'm glad it worked well, and you're very welcome!

    Give the pups some pets from me.

  • Also, on freebies: when push comes to shove, the more content a figure has, the more used it is. And all of us LF vendors profit from more people using her.

    Freebies help advertise figures (and it's even recommended for vendors to publish a few freebies every now and then to advertise their own store!). Freebies help people play more with a figure, fall in love with it, and start buying stuff for it.

    Even if they're similar, you said so yourself - the paid one is better quality. I don't think it would detract from sales. It would be advisable to not give out for free what has value enough to be a full-fledged product, but even so, if it would be a small cheap product you can get away with making it a freebie.

    And idea would be to make freebies that are like one piece of clothing at a time as opposed to a matching set of clothing, or that has one texture as opposed to many color options.

  • @deecey Just be sure to keep that battery charged from now on. ~wnk~

  • @miss-b

    I can go for weeks, even months at 12-14 hours a day. And then CRASH! Without warning.

  • Thank you for the information.