New La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11 Now Available

  • @operaguy Ah, sorry, I wasn't clear. These are conforming. These are the first conforming clothing items I've made ^.^

    I find cloth simulations don't work for me, for skin tight clothing. There seems to be no way to get an elastic effect in the cloth. I've even tried messing with scales, adding other invisible meshes, etc. I can't get cloth to behave like "spandex" cloth. Stockings and leggings would be the thing I'd love to get out of it. It works super well for skirts, some dresses, t-shirts (not skin-tight baby t's, maybe). Tablecloths, blankets, even tents.

  • I've had some success with tight shirts and leotards dynamic. If you decide to make the .obj available I'd be glad to make an attempt. However, if you optimized for conforming, the mesh might not be suitable.

    Good luck either way, the leotard looks great.

    ::::: Opera :::::

  • I still haven't picked up the 'free' La Femme, because I don't spend money at Renderosity* any more.

    However, I noticed that one can 'Gift This Item':


    So if anybody is planning on spending at least $3.50 at Renderosity, and has already picked up La Femme for themselves... ;o)

    *Yes - you may need to think about that...

  • Well, I can upload the gymnastic slippers I made. And a balance beam. Both those meshes are completely from scratch, every single vertex.

    The Leotard, not so much uploadable. I used the mesh from the clothing dev model. I did that to get the tightest fit and best "following movement" for dance/ballet/gymnastic poses. I did modify the mesh to remove detail that is simply not needed for covering cloth.

  • @3dcheapskate I'm making purchase at Renderosity this weekend. I'll gift it to you.

  • @3dcheapskate That's how I got her. There are some really great people in this community.

  • @rokketman I don't use La Femme, myself. Of course, right now I'm not rendering much of anything lately.

  • @3dcheapskate Gifted it to you.

  • @eclark1849 Understand. I have been having little spells of inactivity myself. Total. No rendering, no modeling. Nothing. Then I will feel the itch and do a bunch of stuff. Then dry back up...

  • @willdial Thank you very much ! Now have an actual reason to try Poser 11 (I still use PP2014 by default, even though I have Poser 11 installed)
    @rokketman Indeed there are !

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  • yes, this is my first real render with La Femme. Cut me some slack, I've been busy.

    0_1559444498246_La Femme 1.jpg

  • @ghostship Nice, and welcome to the party. There's a certain irony here, though, since I've been using your superfly lights (only) since I started rendering La Femme. Actually, I've only used superfly since La Femme. Well, maybe more a coincidence, than irony :p

    btw, which hair mat is that?

  • @thoennes that is my own hair shader with textures by Outoftouch (from Zoey hair)
    0_1559449756583_hair shader.jpg

  • @ghostship Nice. I'm assuming you've seen the BB shaders. I notice a little gray tint on some of the strands I remember that being a topic during the development of the superfly version of those shaders. I don't remember the cause, off-hand. I do no that the BB shaders are crazy-complex (to me) and make all my cores go "ouch!" But withe the right hair model, they look good :)

  • @thoennes yes, BB's hair shaders are great. I use my own because it renders faster on my machine. My math, as has been pointed out, is incorrect but the shader looks decent enough in IDL and using Posers lights. Just make sure your texture maps don't have burned i speculars and shadows and it really needs a bump map to separate the hairs.

  • @ghostship I was going to say... :D . The BB shaders are something I do for a final render, sometimes. Even with 36 cores, they take a while. Sort of like OOT's latest. Come off beautifully in a final render, but wow, spanks the machine doing it. :)

    For some hair models (that i love), it's hard to find non-burned specular. And the UV makes it difficult to make textures (eg: spherical projections). And impossible to use BB procedural (requires uni-directional strands). Sigh.... life is hard.

  • Hey, I'm pretty sure I asked this before. Where are La Femme bugs filed? The fwd JCM for thigh is called 110 (ref to bend in degrees), but the thigh bends to 120º (limited) and that's where the JCM value is, in fact, "1". The fwd 80 JCM goes to "1" at 80º as expected. Not a huge thing. Just something to pay attention to when editing that JCM in clothing.

  • @3dcheapskate You didn't consider Superfly a legitimate reason to at least TRY P11? I love Superfly, but it makes no sense to me the way Poser tends to stall on improving the tech it has and offers.

  • @eclark1849 Indeed it was, and I bought P11at that nice discount, tried it and thought "nice". But then there was those problematic updates. So I thought "I'll stick with what I know works until they sort that out!".

    Hmmm... so have they sorted it out ? Is Poser 11 stable ?