New La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11 Now Available

  • @ghostship Nice, and welcome to the party. There's a certain irony here, though, since I've been using your superfly lights (only) since I started rendering La Femme. Actually, I've only used superfly since La Femme. Well, maybe more a coincidence, than irony :p

    btw, which hair mat is that?

  • @thoennes that is my own hair shader with textures by Outoftouch (from Zoey hair)
    0_1559449756583_hair shader.jpg

  • @ghostship Nice. I'm assuming you've seen the BB shaders. I notice a little gray tint on some of the strands I remember that being a topic during the development of the superfly version of those shaders. I don't remember the cause, off-hand. I do no that the BB shaders are crazy-complex (to me) and make all my cores go "ouch!" But withe the right hair model, they look good :)

  • @thoennes yes, BB's hair shaders are great. I use my own because it renders faster on my machine. My math, as has been pointed out, is incorrect but the shader looks decent enough in IDL and using Posers lights. Just make sure your texture maps don't have burned i speculars and shadows and it really needs a bump map to separate the hairs.

  • @ghostship I was going to say... :D . The BB shaders are something I do for a final render, sometimes. Even with 36 cores, they take a while. Sort of like OOT's latest. Come off beautifully in a final render, but wow, spanks the machine doing it. :)

    For some hair models (that i love), it's hard to find non-burned specular. And the UV makes it difficult to make textures (eg: spherical projections). And impossible to use BB procedural (requires uni-directional strands). Sigh.... life is hard.

  • Hey, I'm pretty sure I asked this before. Where are La Femme bugs filed? The fwd JCM for thigh is called 110 (ref to bend in degrees), but the thigh bends to 120º (limited) and that's where the JCM value is, in fact, "1". The fwd 80 JCM goes to "1" at 80º as expected. Not a huge thing. Just something to pay attention to when editing that JCM in clothing.

  • @3dcheapskate You didn't consider Superfly a legitimate reason to at least TRY P11? I love Superfly, but it makes no sense to me the way Poser tends to stall on improving the tech it has and offers.

  • @eclark1849 Indeed it was, and I bought P11at that nice discount, tried it and thought "nice". But then there was those problematic updates. So I thought "I'll stick with what I know works until they sort that out!".

    Hmmm... so have they sorted it out ? Is Poser 11 stable ?

  • @3dcheapskate said in New La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11 Now Available:

    Hmmm... so have they sorted it out ? Is Poser 11 stable ?

    There is no such thing as 'it' to sort out. P11 has come to the level where I begin to get reluctant about saving my work steps for pose-and-render jobs. Obvously the deeper you go into the alleys less frequented, the more likely you step into something fishy.
    As a routine save your scene at the start so autosave can do its job.

  • @3dcheapskate I do consider Poser 11 to be stable, but it also has room for improvement. Part of that improvement should be Superfly. For me, at least, stalling improvements on Superfly and it's nodes, makes moving on to Poser 12 a somewhat questionable endeavor at the moment.

  • Oh look, it's a wip!
    (it's conforming!)

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    Looks great!

  • I'm a newbie, so I'm hoping I'm mistaken, but after experimenting with La Femme for a day or two, I honestly can't manage to produce a genuine smile on her face. Oh, I can pull up the corners of her mouth a bit, but if I try to push it into a real smile, it badly distorts her cheeks and sometimes her jaw.

    And looking around the Internet,, I can't find a single image of this new figure with a genuine, wide smile. And many of the efforts I've seen to create a smile on La Femme actually look bizarre, basically just a wide mouth with teeth showing, but looking nothing like an actual, happy smile.

    As a newbie, I'm just beginning to find out about facial morphs, but shouldn't there be a dial that allows you to create or widen a smile? That would seem to be an essential option.

    If anyone has managed to coax a winning smile out of La Femme, or has even seen a really nice-looking smile on her somewhere else, could you please post the image, so we know it's at least possible.


  • @nikon
    La Femme comes with some injection poses that you will find in the Pose library (RPublihsing > LaFemme > Body Morphs, and Face Morphs. There is a "Smile Wide" morph if you inject All Face Morphs which you will find in the "Mouth Morphs" category after they are injected

  • @nikon I feel that! Realistic smiles are actually pretty hard (for me) regardless of the figure. It was ages before v4 could pull off something that didn't scare small children. I think the latest Gen's benefit from a dozen years of trying to make v4 smile. Dawn's gotten better at it. The tricky thing is a smile moves everything on the face. Cheeks, eyes, brows, lids, lashes, nose...
    If you use LF's smile morph, that just does her mouth. You probably need to combine it with other mouth morphs (expression and shape). Combinations like pucker and open, etc. Then you need to morph the cheeks so it doesn't look like rictus. Then the eyes. Sometimes a hint of squint or blink. It's also harder to get a smile looking right when you've add "pouty" to the lips or downturned corners.
    Sometimes I get annoyed that a smile looks good in preview but when I render, it's hard to even see. Preview strips a lot of detail away. But now, Imma try to make her smile this arvo ^.^

    PS: Also, it's still early in La Femme's life cycle and some talented people will almost certainly start to bring their magic to her. G8 is seeming a bit saturated for vendors. How many similar characters does she need??? :D

  • @glitterati3d Thanks Tracy. I didn't know Kalypso had created that goodie.

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    Hello all,
    the mouth corners being pulled up is the result of a smile.
    When we smile, our cheeks move up and forward and it is this motion that is pulling the mouth corners and upper lip up showing some teeth and the mouth muscles relax.
    All smile "power" is in the cheeks moving up and forward, the mouth corners and upper lip just "follow" .
    Best regards all, Tony

  • @nikon How about this one for subtle smile?
    0_1560765040234_Render 2 (small).png
    (this is one of my existing la femme images; I made her smile and changed camera angles to see her face better)
    It's made using a heap of the facial morphs in combination. As @vilters said, the cheek moves, up and forward. This pose, not being a full-on smile doesn't show that motion so well, but it's there. That also causes a bit of eye squint, which I activated through another morph. In conjunction with the cheeks, mouth corner movement, and upper lip. There are a couple of smile morphs "built-in" but they just seem to move the mouth. I also got a little movement from one of the phoneme morphs. All together, there's maybe 10-12 morphs combined in this smile. I probably should just make it into a master dial. Oh, and I also split some of the morphs L and R to add a little asymmetry in the eyes and mouth corners.

    Addendum: Am I missing tongue pose dials somewhere? I couldn't find any.

  • @thoennes
    No tongue pose dials, per se ... the tongue has five individual groups in it (tongue 1 through 5) that can be independently posed