New La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11 Now Available

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    I know that there are plenty of good results in Genesis, so how did they do that ? Did they morph in higher sub div levels ?

    Not always. From what I see, the majority of a morph is done at base resolution, but sometimes vendors add additional high resolution details (such as smiles and creases, etc) .

    There are only two ways at present to make high resolution morphs with Poser. Either with the Morph tool, or with ZBrush. High resolution morphs cannot be imported from other software yet because the "Import Morph" command expects base resolution.

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    They have set up the face chips so that if you pull the chips, it doesn't translate the geometry, it twists the geometry.

    Every body part, including face and body chips, can transform a body part or a chip in one of three ways ....
    ... ROTATIONS. Rotations in every body part are indicated by YELLOW parameter dial labels.
    -- TRANSLATIONS. Translations in every body part are indicated by ORANGE parameter dial labels.
    -- SCALES. Scales in every body part are indicated by GREEN parameter dial labels.

    This is across the board. It's the way figures have always worked. So the face chips work no differently than any other bone. And since, when posing, poses are mainly done with ROTATION, that is why the face chips are also the way they are. If you want to TRANSLATE, just use the orange dials instead of the yellow ones, which do rotation.

    Poser 10 and earlier did not support "smooth translation", which is new to Poser 11. You can actually translate body parts with the ESC key too. Press the ESC key while you drag the chest upward, and her chest will translate smoothly and get enlongated or shortened. Try it with a thigh, or the shin. Same thing.

  • @deecey

    I accept what you say, although its all news to me. However its counter intuitive, because if you pull on something, you expect it to be dragged not twist.
    Which is why nearly all the pictures in this thread will show the chips not used properly.

    Now its all down to convention. Do you drive on the right or the left.
    As I say, could do with a tutorial

  • @deecey Ah. Can zbrush do that because of the bridge? Is that something that will change in poser? (please please please) I mean, you can export the mesh subd'd. Why should we not be able to re-import that mesh (morphed) at the same subd?

  • @qazart
    Chuck (nerd3D) did a 50 minute webinar on LaFemme that covers a lot of this stuff

  • @thoennes
    Yes GoZ (Figure > Export Figure Mesh to GoZ). Then GoZ it back to Poser.

    As for whether or not that will change to allow HR mesh import for morphs, have no idea. Not on the dev team any more 8-)

  • @deecey Question... Can someone add a sticky to this thread? The references to things like BH's and Nerd's tutorials are super valuable. A list of those up front would be ever so helpful.

    A dream would also be a nice sticky with lore things like the yellow vs orange dials. Tidbits the dev team, vendors, rock stars might let drop, during all their spare time.

  • To add ...

    Set the subdivision level in Poser.
    Figure > Export Figure Mesh to GoZ
    Sculpt in ZBrush at that subdivision level
    GoZ back to Poser

  • @deecey is anyone???? Seriously. The silence from the devs is deafening.

  • @qazart Poser users have been used, for a long time, to not translate body parts - that used to yield bad results and distorted or broken meshes until not long ago.

    La Femme has smooth translations, some other new figures do as well. With that, you can make longer arms etc. Still, we associate posing = rotation of body parts.

    We'll still have to get used to rotating, translating and scaling things now, because they all work well (as in, they don't break geometry). As we do, we'll understand what works better for each part.

    It's no use comparing to what people are doing with Genesis - it's been around for a few years now. La Femme is only some months old. Vendors don't come out of the box understanding everything of a new figure. My first rig for La Femme took me days. My latest one took a couple of hours, and the figure spanned more body parts.

  • @afrodite-ohki True dat! :)
    The first (and so far only) thing I've done went through 5 major revisions (over 5 days), usually restarting when I was about 75% of the way done, because I could see the way I chose (which was based on how I did things before LF) was sub-optimal (on LF). I kept making it with assumptions that were no longer valid. But wow, I learned a lot :)
    The thing is... it's CGI. There's always a way to achieve some image result. It's about how to get to that image. And, at the end, there's just the image.

    Well, that and psychological scars that will haunt a person for the rest of their life. But hey, art! ^.^

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    I don't have admin priviledges any more either. Used to, no more 8-)

  • @deecey I need 10 cc's of admin privileges, stat!

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    Hmm ... maybe what I can do is save all the pages as HTML and weed out the good stuff

  • @deecey It might be a useful exercise just to see how much "good stuff" there is in a thread.

  • @deecey

    Yes I did see the video, but Nerd covered only the basics. What we need is a how to create expressions video.

  • I'll just put this here as it's something I have only just learned, and have been doing it wrong for years.
    Don't use the standard camera's settings. In everything but distant shots, wack that focal length up to at least 100 m.
    Otherwise, you will have a distorted face. It's a big difference.

  • @qazart Play with it! :D

    Following @Deecey's suggestion about chips, I went into those. The best results I've gotten so far is to use morphs very sparingly or not at all for expressions and to go for the chips, using dials. With 6 dials per chip, and quite a few facial chips, there is, of course, a lot that can be done, and that should be done, for each expression. And by "a lot" I mean a dizzying amount.

    I probably should have paid more attention to the parts of the videos where it was mentioned that "chips are for expression, morphs for shape. And this mean YOU, squid brain." Maybe not the exact term "squid brain". But it was certainly implied. Also, why the orange dials are different. A comma and "doofous" seemed to be implied there.

    The biggest downside so far with the chips is no quick symmetry. I think this might have been touched on in the afore mentioned "squid brain" video. Obviously, a script can do it.

    I'm assuming I can take the chip parms into a master just like anything else.

    Since it's a mesh, and anything can be done with a mesh, in various ways and to varying degrees of ease, I figure any expression CAN be done. Possibly (probably?) with some of the vast array of controls on the figure. The resulting quality, of course, depends on the "mesh hacker".

    I'll post the render as soon as it's done. OOT hair renders so beautifully, but at SF,HQSS it spanks even 36 cores.

  • @thoennes said in New La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11 Now Available:

    The biggest downside so far with the chips is no quick symmetry.

    Did you try Figure > Pose Symmetry > Left to Right (or Right to Left?)

    Or wait ... Figure > Pose Symmetry > Custom. There ya go.

  • @deecey I didn't try custom. Have never tried it. Didn't even know it was there although I want to say that was mentioned in a thread or video. Damn! I want a "Poser Lore" doc. So many people with so much useful info all over the place. :D