Noob Confused Poser 11.1 update options and other stuff.

  • I have Poser 10. Bought it when 11 just came out years ago. Paid a ridiculously low price. Was not interested in it but the price was so low I thought that I would pick it up to try it out someday. Someday was about 2 months ago. I quickly became shocked at the price to buy content. Lol content for one character is more than I paid for the hard case two disk program package.

    Anyways I am getting frustrated with many things. Old dog trying to learn new tricks. The content part of the Poser 10 program does not work. Got distracted by other companies that appear to have lots of content. I don't even have V4 yet but content wise everything looks so much more robust for non-poser newer characters, generation 8.

    I am also trying to learn blender too. Awesome free program. Anyways I keep flip-flopping what programs I want to use. I have very little invested in Poser 10. Was thinking about going another route. But then again some of my frustrations with clothing that pokes through may be easier with Poser 11 tools. That and poser 11 has newer characters. I only have the standard Poser 10 characters and a free one I downloaded.

    Looking at the upgrades, I see an option for 11.1 La Femme bundle on sale. Funny thing though is that it does not mention if it comes with Paul v2 and Pauline v2. Does it come with those figures? I am just trying to get more content to work with and at the same time hopefully, have more tools that make it easier. The bundle is cheaper than the standard Poser 11.1 product on sale? What is the difference or is 11.1 just going to come with a new character now?

    What is the advantage of going pro? Is it worth it for a noob? Can you get more complete tutorials with pro? I see this can be such a big rabbit hole. I had no idea what I was getting into when I bought Poser 10 years ago. I like the Poser interface but am a bit disappointed in content support. Any suggestions? Upgrading from Poser 10 to 11.1 is not bad but Pro is double.

  • @nopose If you can afford 11.1, get it, then at least you will have superfly so your renders will be better and you can join in all the threads about materials etc without having to say I've only got poser 10 so that won't work :) Really poser 11 is a good upgrade from 10 if you are going to use it, if not or you just want to pose and render then stay on 10 and have fun. You could waiit till poser 12 comes out (maybe) and pick up poser 11 then at real rock bottom.

  • Poser 11.1 does include Paul v2 and Pauline v2, as you can see here:
    The Le Femme bundle is an additional figure content package.

    Here's a comparison chart between Poser11 and PoserPro11

  • Doh!
    *La Femme not Le...

  • For the features, I guess that I don't have much reason to go with normal 11.1. The additional features of Pro like the fitting room and measurements will somewhat help me stay out of Blender. Blender makes my head explode but it is a very good tool lol.

    For just starting out I find myself using other programs. I have not figured my version of Poser 10 out yet but end up modifying things in even harder to learn programs. I have lots to learn yet.

    I guess my indecisiveness is because I am overwhelmed and actually not very knowledgeable about it yet. No program does it all and I was not expecting on needing photo editors and to do stuff like U V mapping. Simple stuff like lipstick on a figure... What program would actually be used to do that? Perhaps I should just take a step back and master what I have. By then perhaps Poser 12 will be out? I see some awesome posts and just want to be able to do that. Got to realize that is not going to happen overnight. I don't want to just buy packs and assemble stuff. I want to create.

    Anyways I will probably upgrade to pro eventually. I end up starting a project then realize I got about 10 more questions on stuff I don't know how or when to use. I guess for now my best bet is to just keep learning. I don't want to be a noob that keeps pestering on the forums though. Thanks for your time.

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    @nopose The best place to learn and ask questions is on the forums. Renderosity also has a lengthy series of tutorial videos on their youtube channel
    that cover Poser 10/2014 and Poser 11/11 Pro.

    Smith Micro's youtube channel is also helpful but most of the videos are much longer webinars covering more in-depth advanced topics.

    Personally, I always recommend the pro version if you're interested in creating or modifying your own content to any real extent beyond textures. But you'll need to get comfortable with the basics before you try jumping into the more advanced aspects.

  • @nopose To your specific Q about lipstick, as with everything else there are many ways

    You could use a picture editor and amend the face map, painting the lipstick on the texture, or you could use a mask in the material room and add a colour to the lips that way, or with p11 you could add a layer and put the lipstick on the top layer. For all of those there are threads here and at rendo that explain the techniques in detail.

  • Yes, you'll find you need a lot of other programs and utilities when you get into creating or modifying stuff.
    The good news is that a lot of them are free.
    ...for image editing you could try GIMP:
    ...for modelling you could try Hexagon: over at DAZ3D
    I'm not sure what's current for UV mapping.

  • I use Hexagon for model making. I am not very good, but it suits my purpose to create scenes, walls, rooms misc items that I can't find for fee or just because I want too. I create the texture map in Hexagon. There are tutorials on this. then export the .OBJ then I use the free version of UVMapper to load the .OBJ then produce a larger UV template for use in Adobe photoshop to create the texture map. I don't export the UV template out of Hexagon as the information is in the .OBJ and I don't save/export the .OBJ from UVMapper. It works for me.

  • @prixat said in Noob Confused Poser 11.1 update options and other stuff.:

    Yes, you'll find you need a lot of other programs and utilities when you get into creating or modifying stuff.
    The good news is that a lot of them are free.
    ...for image editing you could try GIMP:
    ...for modelling you could try Hexagon: over at DAZ3D
    I'm not sure what's current for UV mapping.

    If you use Blender for modelling it has an excellent Unwrapper as well

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    If at all possible go with PoserPro if you want to be creative and want to do more then load and render.
    As support apps?

    • I use Blender 2.79 to model, UV Unwrap and texture. (Not 2.8 yet as there is still a lot missing like most of the baking options.)
    • Krita (also free) to assemble the textures and finetune them.
    • Notepad+++ or any other cr2editor

    And you can find my tutorial series on you tube under ; Tony Vilters => Poser2Blender2Poser.
    Start with Video1 : The correct import-export options between both apps.

    Best regards and have fun using the Poser tools.