Lookalike : Still trying to collect my jaws... LOL.

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    I was wandring around Renderosity, trying to convince my credit card towards Pal Pay by feeding it a hot doze of smelling coffee to get " La Femme", when my mouth dropped open, and with a glimpse right in the corner of my eye, i just noticed a cloud of dust, and my beloved credit card running for the shredder after being hacked once too many times.

    Have you ever tried PayPal directly Tony? After I had not one, but two, credit cards hacked at Renderosity a couple of years ago, I started to pay by PayPal directly for my purchases at Renderosity, and haven't had a problem since.

    Of course, I already had a PayPal account at the time, so I just add some money every 2 or 3 months, and then use that to pay for my purchases in their store.

  • I don't know how those G8 figures work out but my experience with custom face sculpts for V4 aren't that positive. The issue is when you dial in an expression: smile simple or open mouth and the figure no longer looks like the character in question. The other issue is that the teeth are in the wrong place as well.

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    I don't know how those G8 figures work out but my experience with custom face sculpts for V4 aren't that positive. The issue is when you dial in an expression: smile simple or open mouth and the figure no longer looks like the character in question. The other issue is that the teeth are in the wrong place as well.

    @ Ghostship:

    You're correct about V4's teeth, absolutely.
    That's why I use "dentures" made by myself: I turn visibility off for lower and upper jaw and parent the dentures to the respective jaws. Now I have everything I want.

    Besides that - the standard teeth look rather like a row of tombstones than real teeth (a problem shared with many other 3D figures, including the much-acclaimed G).

    From what I see in the promo images, I think the creators of "La Femme" have done a splendid job here!

    Re. the expressions:

    The "calculation order" of the morphs can make for a big difference, no matter what figure it is.
    To my experience it is better to put the face morphs on top, and the expression morphs last.
    Unfortunately there's no "golden rule" to this, so it's a matter of trial&error...
    If you go to extremes on a particular character, you should even be prepared to modify some of the expression morphs to look better on that character.
    But I admit that this is probably overkill for most... :/


  • @karina If soemone goes to the extreme to sculpt a custom lookalike character they should also include some custom expression morphs as well. The last custom character lookalike that I bought looked great until you dialed up the standard smile and the mouth would slide down the front of the face back to it's default position.

  • Absolutely!

    One of the few characters I ever saw who had this feature was a (pretty good) clone of Natalie Portman from the movie "The Professional".
    And indeed they worked very well without distortions.

    Unfortunately this is rather the exception than the rule..


  • @karina I have the newer version of that character "Natalia." Have not loaded it up yet. lol

  • Nevermind - I already have my own heavily customized version of "Matilda" in my characters collection, so I doubt that the updated version will improve it much.
    I'll stick with what I have right now :D

    Happy rendering Mate!


  • The Daz figures eyes are still way larger than any humans and that alone ruins most of the celebrity characters' likeness.

  • @noobalien I downsize the eyes myself after loading the character morphs.

  • @karina morph delta calculation order certainly does have a bearing, but only in relation to what the mesh base is at the time of the calculation. I have raised this issue with SM, in regard to magnet deformers, since Poser delights in clustering them at the beginning of the calculation order when saving to the library, which completely changes the effect if they were ordered after the morph deltas, which can move the vertices within the sphere zone and hence change the influence in comparison with a late-calculated deformer.

    I apologise for digressing into deformers, but the salient point in relation to morph deltas is this:
    For a single block of pre-bend morphs, with no interspersed deformers, there is absolutely no effect of re-ordering them, since they are all linear additions to the base mesh in it's zero state, and linear additions are commutative (calculation order independent). As soon as one introduces bending, post-bend morph application changes the axes upon which the deltas translate the vertices, so before/after-bend order evaluation is significant, but again, once the bends have been calculated, the order in which post-bend morph target deltas are calculated becomes irrelevant (with the caveat that the morphs have to be converted from preBend to afterBend at a known, pre-determined joint orientation).

    Poser's latest version does not seem to be sufficiently choosy about where it saves morphs with the "afterBend 1" flag, as they can continue to exists before the bend parameters in a saved figure (presumably the flag's implied evaluation order is still adhered to).

    I have requested that deformer evaluation order be treated in a similar way, since building a figure with deformers applied after morphs is entirely possible, and has a different effect once the figure gets saved and reloaded from the library, with the deformers all clustered at the beginning of the evaluation order (where their effect is almost, but not quite evaluation-order-free). Unfortunately this means the deformers don't deliver the same result as when the figure was saved.

    There are essentially four priorities with which deformers could be evaluated, each with different potential results to their deformations: First, before any morph deltas; immediately before bending, and hence after all the pre-bend morphs; immediately after bending, thus before any afterBend morphs; and last, after everything else.

    I absolutely concur with expression morphs intended for one face-shaping paradigm having different, if not totally undesirable consequences, when applied to a completely different paradigm. This includes the need, as evidenced by forensic and paleontological facial reconstruction, to adapt underlying bony structures (maxilla, mandible and teeth) to match the overall facial shape. Such a thing is rarely, if ever done in Poser figures. (Out of sight = out of mind. Until they smile! Oh! The horror D-8> [Joking ;-)]) Even V4 doesn't manage to move the lower teeth accurately (as though on a rigid jaw hinged below the ears), out of the box, when the mouth opens wide (due to linearly interpolated morphs failing to accurately represent rotations at their midpoints).

  • Forgive my ignorance, but who is this supposed to be? I have been a fan of Sangriart's morph packages since I saw Oswine (being a Dr Who fan) and I recognize the "Game of Thrones" character, but as previously stated by another poster, wrong character and wrong program so I have never bought any. I did go as far as asking her if she would be interested in producing face morphs for PE. But as expected, Daz and Genesis figures have a greater attraction to vendors.

  • And that should be GoTs characters as there are many.

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    @tumble-weed Emma Watson

  • @ladonna Thanks. I had to google Emma Watson to find out who she is. LOL. I haven't managed to watch any of the Harry Potter movies in full even though they have been shown on free to air TV so many times.

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    @tumble-weed I watched them but was not thrilled . For my taste to "childish" . And the last episode was in my POV an Epic fail.
    But tastes are different, so don't take my opinion as the real deal ;)