Light Flicker When Using Talk Designer

  • Hello everyone. Fairly newer Poser 11 user and I am having a blast learning the program!
    I have one issue I cannot seem to resolve.
    When I animate and Incorporate the "Talk Designer" feature into my animation scene, I get this weird background light flicker, almost looks like its lightning in the scene.
    This only happens when I use talk designer in the scene. When I take talk designer out of the scene, tween an animation, render it and pull it into Premier, there is no more light flicker. It only happens when I use talk designer.
    I have not animated any of the lights. they are in their defaulted state.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • Does talk designer use a lot of power, maybe that's what makes the lights flicker...

    Sorry, for being flippant, I will leave the thread and let someone who knows something about TD take up the reins

  • It's more like a white outline halo that is around some or most objects in the scene it's present for some frames and not present in others. giving the scene a kind of halo flicker effect around the objects in the scene..

    If I could upload video I could show everyone but I wont let me upload video.
    I will upload it later today onto you tube a share the link and everyone can see what I am talking about.

  • @hueymac if you're able to upload your video to youtube, you can post the link here, and others will be able to see the video. You need to post the expanded version, not the short-form URL, though. Just make sure the link starts with https: / / www .youtube .com (I've broken this with spaces so it's not a real link), and you're good to go.

  • @anomalaus Thank you for that bud!

    I have great news , fixed the outline halo flicker around the scene objects/figures. all I had to do was set the foreground and the background color to black. two days of messing with the settings and all I had to do was change a color lol..
    But I am not so convinced I fixed the problem in it's entirety, while the halo outline appearing and disappearing has stopped, you'll notice if you watch the video that if you look at the lower left corer of the glass on the desk, there is that darned flicker reflecting off the table surface, barley noticeable but still annoying and unacceptable.

    So I am stumped as to where these are coming from. I have scoured the animation palette to see if I can find any anomalies but I have found none. Any ideas anyone?