My model falls through the floor when importing a animated file how to fix this please

  • The only temp solution i found is creating a new layer and pulling the model up from underground but i have to do that frame by frame :(.

  • If you have added a layer and have pulled the model up on frame one then all you need to do is on the layer make the first frame a constant key frame and then go all the way to the last frame and add a key frame on the same channel (Y trans). A change in the way layers work has resulted in the layer only having an effect between the first key frame and the last key frame per channel. So place a key at frame One and the last Frame then the layer effects all the other layers. However if the first key frame is at frame 30 and the last one is at 60, then anything before 30 will not be effected and anything after 60 will also not be effected.

  • @richard60 ah ok, but why does it behave that way, if do it with andy he stays on ground floor, but this one sinks in the ground all the time

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    Perhaps the girl doll behaves differently (from Andy) because she has an initial body actor Y-translation?
    It may be that the animated pose has every frame keyed to set the hip Y-translation (up/down position); if so, changing the key in one frame won't suffice. Also, there is both a body Y-trans and a hip Y-trans, so you need to look at both parameters to see if both are keyed.
    Select the doll's hip actor, then in the parameters panel, click on the little white triangle in the Y-translation entry. When the drop-down menu appears, select graph.
    0_1548913463300_parameter graph - click white triangle to open.png
    That will open the graph for the Y-trans keys of the hip. Left-click (and hold) to the left of the first relevant key, then drag sideways to select all of the desired keys.
    Now if you hover the mouse in that dark grey area, the cursor will show as a pair of left/right arrows.
    Left-click and drag left/right to move the keys backward/forward in time.
    In your case, what you'll want to do is hover the mouse and hold CTRL; the cursor will change to a pair of up/down arrows. Left-click and drag up/down to increase/decrease the Y-translation of all of the keys in the selected (dark grey) range. You can watch the doll respond in real time so that you can put her precisely onto the floor.
    0_1548913943628_parameter graph - translating a range of keys.PNG

  • I tested a theory and i dont know if my poser is corrupted or if you have to do things in a certain order for poser pro 11 to not bug, but i rigged the model from scratch again, and i think what happened was i originally had this models zero figure in a A pose Its how it came when extracted and changed the arms to a T pose and exported it as a obj in T pose. But i saved the A pose model Same model already rigged as a skeleton donor for the new t pose and things just kept acting weird. For example if i set the bones to align with the newly T posed model from the A pose donor model, if i saved then quit the current project and try to reopen it, in the setup room the skeletal bones are exploded facing different directions and extremely scaled. Now when i did the same thing again with the new T pose model as obj and used Andy as a skeletal donor saved then quit the current project then re-opened it everything was still in place. Only thing im experiencing now is bullet physics keeps crashing when i try to a simulation on the scarf of my assassin model thats why i was saying at the beginning that i dont know if my poser is corrupted in some way or not. Also the model doesnt fall through the floor anymore as well since i didn't use the A posed model as a skeletal donor, so i think poser doesnt work well with any other models unless its base pose is the traditional T pose.

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    Go to top row menu.
    Go to Scripts
    Go to Utility
    With the figure selected, click on dropFigToFloorAllFrames
    Best regards, tony