Blender Guru window glass

  • Just watched this video that had a good point about window glass and included a shader.

    0_1548980706184_Window Glass.jpg

  • @ghostship I've had that on my list of tutorials to check out, as architecture and props are the things I like to model most often.

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    Blender Guru got this wrong by copying from somebody who was confused. The Fresnel IOR set to 40 is bogus and was motivated by having accidentally reversed the Glossy and Transparent nodes into the Mix Closure.

    The IOR should be around 1.65, Closure1 should receive Transparent, and Closure2 receive the GlossyBsdf.

    I know he (blender guru) copied the shader, and then you copied it, but it's all just getting lucky with two wrongs making an almost right.

    Have a look at the reflections from a very shallow angle - they're supposed to be nearly a mirror but instead they fade - because the fresnel part of the shader is backward.

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    Another thing to watch out for, when you view this glass from the "back" side of a single-sided polygon, the IOR is inverted and the Fresnel can give completely wrong data. (i.e. it will trigger total internal (100%) reflection at shallow angles). Given the additional reversal of reflection vs transparency the result is no reflections on the back side.

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    There is a way to make a single-sided polygon behave correctly from either side but this setup isn't it.

  • @bagginsbill said in Blender Guru window glass:

    but it's all just getting lucky with two wrongs making an almost right

    That's how I roll most of the time with my material room noodling. ;)

    In the past I've just put a slight reflection on a transparent material so as to avoid the noise and problems with light passing through the glass object.