Foot acting odd from twisting hip 180 degrees

  • @anomalaus Ah ok i understand it now, time to put some hours and practice of mastering this now xD

  • @anomalaus Iokay i got it down now, i had to look at alot of the tutorial videos of the keyframes learning when to break splines. Thank you so much anomalaus

  • @anomalaus Woahh ok i just found something odd, so i came across a site called share cg and i downloaded a guys file cause something peeked my interest and in his file you can rotate the hip on the y axis with it effecting the feet at all i will upload post a vid in a few seconds.

  • this was a poser 7 file opened in poser 11 im trying to see which one is more beneficial, the leg and feet follow the hips for lk in poser 11 but you have to reset hip to avoid ankle over twist poser 7 file feet dont follow but there is no consequence for feet twisting hip as much as you like besides having to manually match feet with leg position. Im trying to see if there was a setting in the poser 7 file to allow this or if it was only like this in poser 7 in general.

  • @shadowofabyss here's the one I've just converted from IK on the toes (I edited the IK chains to add ones that go all the way to the toes), though that's harder to pose and animate than just the feet. This new version of the animation has IK turned off, which was a lot harder to pose, since you can't just say "move the foot from A to B while twisting it, and in the middle, raise it off the ground some distance", and have everything move smoothly between the keyframes. Trying to wrangle just limb rotations is a lot harder, though the benefit is that I can switch on my morphform that moves the feet and toes into position for wearing high heels, and the animation is finished.

    To save time, I removed everything but the figure, so she's a wee bit chilly, no doubt. ;-)
    ***=NSFW content***

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    Next, I'll try applying the saved animation pose to the clothed figure with heels, and render that out, now that I've got QueueManager batch renders sorted with a script.

  • @anomalaus oh, i see wait did you hand animate her arms to move while turning, cause i've been wondering how people have been able to have models hands or arms slightly move while being idle, i just wanted to know if that hand made or is that a special spline effect from keyframes?

  • @shadowofabyss it's complicated, but essentially, yes. My base V4WM++ figure is heavily loaded up with limb pose master controls, one of which is an ArmsScissor, which applies oppositely signed CollarTwists (x-rot) to the collars. Here's the simple sinusoidal spline driving the arms for a nearly natural looking swing.
    0_1549510497322_Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 2.32.55 pm.png

  • @shadowofabyss here's another version which, unfortunately, illustrates the major problem with attempting to do walking or step animations without the use of IK: foot sliding.

    NieR Automata's YoRHa 2B, skirtless, with V4 Bodysuit as leotard (sans puffy sleeves) and Idler68's Chic Thigh Boots, in place of the original, rear-laced boots. The stockings are LittleDragon's Stockings for V4 with a height morph to bring them further up the thighs and magnets on V4 to simulate garter constriction. The gloves are V4 SuperGloves.
    Goodness! That took half a day to find a free way to optimise the GIF (eventually used enough to fit within the 4MB file upload limit!