Looking to make object rotate in Poser- any scripts for this?

  • Hi- My name is Vincent Witcher. I am new to Poser and i am working on a scene where i want to have objects rotate in a scene. This is a sci-fi scene in which I want a planet to rotate in the background. Are there scripts that you can use in Poser to make this work? I can't use fee rotate- it doesn't look right. I also use Maya- In Maya it is easy to make an object rotate. Can someone direct me to a site that has these scripts and how do you download and use the script in Poser. BTW- i use Poser Pro 11. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Vincent

  • @threeanglesmessage you would just animate the planet prop to rotate on it's Y axis. Have you ever used 3D software before or animated anything?

  • @ghostship Hi- yes i use Maya. I'm new to Poser.

  • To make the planet rotate about it's own axis just use the Y Rotate of the sphere object. To make it circle the solar system place a disk in the scene enlarge it to the size of the orbit and then parent the Planet to the Disk. You will need to probably move the Planet with the XYZ translate dials to get it to the edge of the disk. Then you rotate the disk, which will move the planet. You can also then make the planet spin on it's won axis and a bonus change the size of the disk as it turns which will cause the Planet's orbit to be an ellipse. When you get ready to render just make the Disk invisible and you are good to go.

  • @richard60 Thanks! good idea.