Face expressions not working

  • I'm using M4 and I found that not all the expression morphs work. Squinting works, but not eye closing. Some smiles work, but others don't. I remember having trouble with V4's eye close at one point but I can't remember how to fix it. Does anyone know anything?

  • 73 views and no suggestions? Am I the only one who has this problem?

  • @redphantom The only thing I can think of is to maybe go to your Libraries/!Daz folder and run the DzCreateExPFiles-M4.bat file and then start with a new M4.cr2 and reload all the morph injections - not sure if the expressions are in the base or ++.
    Let us know if this doesn't work.

  • @redphantom I had a similar problem with M4's muscle morphs. Some loaded and some did not and made him "lumpy." I had to do some sort of re-load of M4 to fix the problem.

  • I remember there was a thread at cg bytes and possibly at DAZ about the v4 eye problems which explained that a parameter in one of the DAZ files had to be changed. Maybe this is the same for M4. Sorry this is very vague but it might give you a place to start looking.

  • Thanks, guys, for the suggestions. I'll try them soon (probably daz soon) I'm having computer trouble and currently can only boot in safe mode. Once I can get things loaded properly, I'll try.

  • Thanks again all for your suggestions. I ended up uninstalling him and reinstalling him.