Missing File "BlackTexture"

  • Inexplicably I started getting the message when I load saved files that Poser cannot find the file "BlackTexture." It turns out, the file is BlackTexture.png.

    I had this problem with a different file before, and was able to find it for Poser but only because the problem only surfaced when I loaded a particular room set. I went
    This time, it's when I load a variety of different files, including the default Andy. So I think it's a file that came with Poser. Does anyone know of BlackTexure.png and how I can get it again if it's lost?

  • I've had that too. It will ask for the file no matter what scene I open or even if I start a new scene until I restart poser. I can't find even where the scenes need it.

  • @wesley Yeah, it's a bug that pops up from time to time. Just ignore it, nothing bad will happen.

  • @ghostship said in Missing File "BlackTexture":

    @wesley Yeah, it's a bug that pops up from time to time. Just ignore it, nothing bad will happen.

    Unless you have an asset in the scene that had a BlackTexture.jpg in it, in which case the file will be missing as it will be flagged that way in the cache :(

  • Perhaps the BlackTexture.png is the one texture that could go missing with no ill effects (other than the warning). If an image map node has no texture (or a missing texture) selected, it probably returns the same data: all pixels effectively black.

    @wesley if you have an image editor, all you need to replace this is a single black pixel, i.e a 1x1 image with a black pixel.

    After some searching, I found the file in the folder returned by the Python command:


    I suspect that this may mean that Poser creates the file itself, but I'm not 100% certain of that.

    Here's the file from my system, if it helps at all:
    It turns out to be 128x128 pixels.

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    I get that missing file pop up most all the time. It has been going on for a long time..I have been just ignoring it.

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    Hello all, (Yes I am in the same boat once in a while)

    This is what happens :
    Many moons ago, or just a few minutes ago, you all loaded something, anything, that asked you to locate a "missing texture", and you all told Poser => No don't bother, I"ll add it later on.

    What Poser did internally was => OK, I"ll just put in a small black texture waiting for the "real thing" to show up.

    These days, any time that a texture is not where it is supposed to be found, Poser often replaces that one with the "little black" texture it kept in memory lane.

    The only "cure" for this illness is to verify that all requested textures are in the correct spot. => If all textures are in the correct spot, there is no need for Poser to "add" it's little black replacement.

    Oh, and sometimes this can be deep, very deep inside a node structure. 'Even background or Preview, places we don't often search for textures, because when we ignore, all the rest "just works".

    Best regards all, and Happy Posering. Tony

  • @vilters I use a Mac (early 2008 mac pro) and sometimes get that error too, I found it in the users/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/PoserPro 11 (or the version you are using.

    You could try looking to see if it is in there..I think that would be either appdata/local or roaming folders.....cause the temp folder will just recreate itself.

    I used to go to the appdata/local/temptitems folder then find the poser folder and manually delete the cache within since I have never gotten the preferences area of Poser to delete the cache any other way, even though it claimed to do so.

    I used to also get a file that is usually found in the runtime/textures/ -- called NO_MAP, no extension and since many called for it I found it in an old runtime and just copied it to the main texture folder and all the "not found" were found again.

    Now since getting El Capitan and since Poser 10, Poser 2014 and both Poser 11's I get a box asking to allow both poser and firefly renderer to access the web. It is something that is allowed thru firewall control panel and have allowed it many times but:

    IF it quits giving me the query for awhile as soon as there is an update, there it is asking over again both when first starting Poser then when starting Renderfly render.

    Nobody has come up with a solution so I just keep clicking OK until I find a way to edit its pref file to let it see it is allowed.

  • @darkangel612 OK, I was wondering why I've not come across this missing texture issue, and now reading your comments, I realize why. I do a lot of deleting when I get ready to log off every night, including the cache folders for my Poser installations, though I hardly use P9 anymore.

    For my Win7 Pro laptop, it's the AppData/Roaming/PoserPro/11/RenderCache folder.

  • @miss-b Yup it is amazing how some get some errors and others don't and using the same program...sometimes same type of computer.

    Like I said adding thatNO_MAP file, although I could have sworn it was called something like null, to the textures folder I don't get it anymore. Now it is just the program asking for permission to access or be accessed by the net...I can't remember which but will try to get a shot of both things it asks for. Are we able to add attachments to show what we see?

  • @darkangel612 there was also a syntax change/enforcement regarding NO_MAP. At some point, there was confusion about whether the NO_MAP should be enclosed in double-quotes "NO_MAP", but the double quotes were the signal that what was inside them was an actual file path, rather than a flag that the field was empty. NO_FILE was a similar case. Eventually, it got sorted out, but there were still lingering material pose files out there that used the confused "NO_MAP" syntax, which actually referred to a file called NO_MAP, not a flag indicating nothing to search for.

  • @anomalaus I've also had this problem, just last week (I'm on mac), but the problem vanished after being there for a week, and now everything is working normally again.

  • @estherau I would go into the folder I mentioned and make a copy of it then save it somewhere for just in case it starts doing it again, then you can just copy/paste it in the folder if needed again.

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  • ok, here is the right link since the forum stopped my editing or deleteing to repost...LOL

    error image

  • Ah I always thought it was just MY Poser being stupid about that black texture.

    Thanks @vilters for the explanation and the cause. I've always just told it not to bother, but it's always good to know why it's happening :)