Help needed with feline facial expressions

  • I know of two cat models in Poser 11. Default wise one is greyish and the other a yellowy orange. The second option looks a lot better for what I am wanting to do but the problem is I don't have control over the facial expressions as I do with the other one. With the grey one letting you dilate and slit the pupils, move eyes side to side, etc. The one I am using gives some minor control over the ears and will only let you open and close the eyes. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to manipulate facial expressions. 0_1549856944343_TestTest.jpg

  • The original Poser cat has hardly any expressions, in common with a real cat. :) I don't know what the grey one might be, but if it has the control you need, use that and colour it according to your needs.