simplified solution for modernisation of 10-15 year old content

  • @vilters

    Everything is build inside the advanced material room using a greyscaled Diffuse textures.


    • bump is purely procedural. No map used for it at all.
    • specular is based on the red channel of the diffuse map (this is NOT a ’greyscaled Diffuse texture’) plus some procedural. I think this is done similar to EZskin.

    They do EXACTLY what I do.

    Nope, its is different.

    But all that doesn’t matter. The first thing i did after loading LaFemme was to setup my own shaders for her ;-)

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    Hi BB, you know what you are doing, you don't have to apologise.

    But there will be a video for all others.

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    I kinda like my method of creating a separate bump map a separate specular map a separate sss mask map and a separate sss bloodmap and painting the diffuse map aswell.

    But yes it’s a lot of work, but imho it’s worth it. :)

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    Completely agree with you.
    Proper bump and spec maps are worth the extra effort, but with LAFEMME they are so good, they don't even load them.. LOL.

  • And just to be fair. When you load the 'simple PBR' mats that come with LF all maps are used. Diffuse + bump and the specular map is transformed into a roughness map (haven’t checked how well that works).

  • @nagra_00_ Yes, the Simple PBR maps are the only ones I've played with so far. I'll be trying the others as well. I just haven't gotten around to it . . . yet.

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    I hear a LOT of talk, from people that have NO clue about what or how it works

    Now this is something. You want to tell here that all the people here have no clue how the material room works and you have found with your one material zone on a human figure ,and three nodes set up , the holy grail?
    And than you ask people to apologize? People who study since years realism in Render's, watch webinars from Experts, read explanations from masters like BB ,Snarly, spent hours of hours ,over weeks, months, years with try and error to learn correct material zones creating, light study on different part of the skin , SSS set up and name all the nodes.
    Now you come and set up three nodes ,merge materials together and present this as the real deal?

    Nope, from my side no apologies.

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    @bagginsbill How did you set up your shader here? Could you please share the set up?

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    @bagginsbill Absolut fantastique .

  • @vilters You do realize that with that skin setup, as I mentioned to you years ago, you are completely unable to have a 3D figure who can show some basic human variations? I recall you said at the time, and still do, that having separate textures for each eye is a waste of time, but that means you can't make a figure who looks like this:
    alt text
    or this:
    alt text
    or this:
    alt text
    There's no retouching of the eye colours: David Bowie, Mila Kunis, and Jane Seymour all have heterochromia. Others include Kate Bosworth (she usually wears contacts to even them out when acting), Henry Cavill (one blue, the other tinged with some brown), Alice Eve, Simon Pegg, Dan Ackroyd, Christopher Walken...

    And, of course, you're unable to show a character with one eye different due to physical damage, or a character such as this who is supposed to have an artificial eye:
    alt text
    So it's not just realism that setup is bad for, it's bad for science fiction and fantasy.

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    Well, I am strangely wondring that this still kreeps up.
    Only 1% of the human population has different color iris, and 99% of that 1% is in Holywood productions.

    Unfortunately for most of you, the human sin is a single piece of leather all around.

    But seeing what garbage passes through Quality Control and beta testing lately, (yes talking LaFemme here) nothings surprises me any more.

  • So, you are one skin colour all over Vilters?

    I seriously doubt that.

    My face is redder than my chest. My arms are darker than my legs, with my right arm darker than my left... And so on.

    And I'm a normal human being.

    Just admit that this technique is only good for background figures and let's all just move on.

  • @vilters said in

    Only 1% of the human population has different color iris, and 99% of that 1% is in Holywood productions.

    While this may or may not be true, no one has two irises that are the same.

    Each iris is unique, and they are always different.
    They can be used like fingerprints. No one else has either of the patterns you do.

    If you are after realism, they can not use the same texture.

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    It is so tiring to constantly be discussing with people that don't study.
    Both eyes of LaFemme point to the same texture in the same material zone.

    God, dammid, study before answering.

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    Man, man, man, another one.

    Having skin color variations is something completely different then having the most stupid different material zones/textures combinations.

    Want a "stupid" material zone? What about a tearline?
    What about a double brow geometry? With the weakest of all excuses too. Toon and cartoon artists need them. Well, let me tell you one thing.
    Toon and cartoon artists "know" how to retexture an obj file and are probably the LAST to need a tearline and or double brow geometry.

    Again, same answer as before. STUDY before answering..

  • @ladonna said in simplified solution for modernisation of 10-15 year old content:

    @bagginsbill Absolut fantastique .

    It's not the shader. The shader he used is a very simple skin shader. The model he used is created from an actress, with all bump and specular maps taken in real high quality directly from her skin.

    That's the difference that a really good set of maps can archive.

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    @bantha Thanks. Yes you are right. High resolution maps are the key for realistic human rendering.
    I have to say, most of the skin textures we have for Poser and DS and not really high Quality . Brushed out skin blemishes , almost no pores makes many character looking like Dolls.
    There are maybe a handful merchants who take care of this small but important details.

  • @vilters
    If your technique is that superior, why not showing some results?
    I mean some results which do not look like they are taken from an very old videogame, but well lit with a belivable skin?

    If you like big textures you can merge all maps into one. Still, there are reasons why figures do have multiple skin sections, tearlines etc. Yes, you can work around it.

  • Not worth the energy to argue it anymore. His mind is made up and it won't change. There's a lot more I can be doing than a pointless fight on the net....

  • True. But I don't want that newbies looking at the thread see Vilter's remarks as the conclusion.

    BB said it, it's probably Dunning-Kruger.