simplified solution for modernisation of 10-15 year old content

  • @vilters
    If your technique is that superior, why not showing some results?
    I mean some results which do not look like they are taken from an very old videogame, but well lit with a belivable skin?

    If you like big textures you can merge all maps into one. Still, there are reasons why figures do have multiple skin sections, tearlines etc. Yes, you can work around it.

  • Not worth the energy to argue it anymore. His mind is made up and it won't change. There's a lot more I can be doing than a pointless fight on the net....

  • True. But I don't want that newbies looking at the thread see Vilter's remarks as the conclusion.

    BB said it, it's probably Dunning-Kruger.

  • @vilters said in simplified solution for modernisation of 10-15 year old content:

    What about a double brow geometry? With the weakest of all excuses too. Toon and cartoon artists need them. Well, let me tell you one thing.
    Toon and cartoon artists "know" how to retexture an obj file and are probably the LAST to need a tearline and or double brow geometry.

    I know a lot of toon shaders which relay on geometry to create the lines. You don't want to paint them on the texture, because they would not look like the other calculated lines. Freestyle in Blender works that way, for example. If you use a system like that you want the brows to be geometry.

    Again, same answer as before. STUDY before answering..

    I did. Did you?

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    I am perhaps the last one left that FIGHTS for quality.

    And what do we get?
    Broomsticks with a complete lack of female anatomy that somebody calls "arms".
    Funnels with even less female anatomy topology and somebody calls them legs.

    A rigging that "at best' can be called "cracked hoses".

    And what's more, all that in a sauce of over 3000 sharp edges too.

    Double geometry, material zones that go no where. Textures that not even used .
    Bumpmaps that at best can be called wannabe's.
    Spec maps that look like spilled inkt..

    And everybody seems to "think", that these things are "normal", acceptable.

    Well, they are NOT !!!!!!

  • Money where your mouth is then.

    Instead of yelling at us, belittling us and generally being obnoxious, ante up.

    Where's your figure?

  • @vilters
    Thin arms and thin legs can be corrected by morphs.
    Stick with whatever figure you like if La Femme's rigging is not to your taste.
    Sharp edges, I did not find them yet. For this, there is subdivision.

    So, show a quality render then. Anything which looks pleasing, realistic.

    You know, it's fine if you want to render your images like you could have done it with Poser 4, if you like flat skin without SSS. Look how they do skin shaders in the blender community. Look at the Arnold style skin shaders. You are the only one who fights for quality, with a Poser 4 shader setup?