Library settings: where are they stored?

  • I'm using the nifty external library-via-browser feature in Poser 11, but my Selected Thumbnail Size always defaults to the smallest, and I have to reset it every time I open Poser. I used to have this working, but it got zapped somehow.

    I seem to recall the setting was stored in a file somewhere, and if you hacked that the setting persisted; but I can't remember where that was, or find it again. The info may have been at RDNA, which is where I originally picked up the external library trick.

    Anybody's memory better than mine?

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    I find these settings for Poser 11 in a file called LibraryState.xml.

    Before the new HTML 5 library, it was in LibraryViews.xml.

    Either can be found in Windows under a folder

    c:\Users\(yourUserName)\AppData\Roaming\Poser Pro\<version>

    Or something similar.

  • Yep that's where it is and it is the <listImageSize> you need to change to 200 (that's the max) also maybe you need <showItemList> set to true

  • Got it, thanks @bagginsbill and @amethystpendant !

    I edit C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Roaming\Poser\11\LibraryState.xml
    and change <treeSelectedImageSize> to 128 (corresponding to the maximum setting on the library slider).

    For some reason, changes made through the browser don't stick - Poser re-writes them on exit. But if I edit LibraryState.xml before opening, the settings persist.

    Making a note of this so I can find it again next time (I may have restored a default LibraryState.xml from backup at some point).

  • @englishbob I usually like to copy and save files such as this "just in case" of this type of issue, and not just for Poser. I do it for a couple/three files for Blender as well.

  • @miss-b
    I do that, but I managed to overlook this particular vital fact. :)

  • @englishbob Ohhh, yes, that would make quite a bit of difference.

  • @miss-b said in Library settings: where are they stored?:

    @englishbob I usually like to copy and save files such as this "just in case" of this type of issue, and not just for Poser. I do it for a couple/three files for Blender as well.

    Sorry, I just realised I misunderstood your post. I thought you meant saving a copy of useful information that crops up on the forums, and that's where those 454 files came from.

    You were actually recommending to keep copies of config files, and I do that too, for Poser and for other programs that I've set up to work the way I want. I did have a copy of LibraryState.xml that had the edit in it, the only trouble was I couldn't remember which file it was I wanted or what the edit was. The perils of growing old. ;)

  • @englishbob Oh I know about growing old all to well. ~wink~

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    One trick I did to preserve my preferred state is to make it read-only, so Poser cannot change it. Remember that Poser has no option to "Start from Preferred State". What it actually does is record the state from your last session, and that will become the new settings next time you start Poser. This is very unusual comparing to other programs, because although we can create a "preferred state", we cannot start Poser from it. The only available options are to start from "Factory Defaults", or "Last State". Isn't that odd?

    Hence I write-protect the file, so Poser always starts from my preferred state. :)

  • @ken1171 It's possible they're presuming the last state you were using was your preferred state. I agree though, it should be an option, as it is on the first tab to "create" it.