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    Hi Earl, actually the repairs took less time then similar figures that came out lately.

    But there is absolutely NO-WAY she was ever beta tested. (Or their beta testers don't have a clue what to look for in a figure because the alarm bells start ringing at first sight.)

    So Sorry for Nerd and Dee, but some find it amusing to attack me personally,
    Little did they know I am a boomerang.

  • @bantha said in Just waiting.....:

    Well, if you would know Blackhearted's very successfull "Girl Next Door" series, you wouldn't expect anything else from the his HD morphs. Take a look over at his shop at Renderosity, you will see that his models don't have much body fat.

    I have to agree. I've had his GND 4.2 for several years, and in fact posted 2 renders of her this week, two in the FireFly thread, and one in the SuperFly thread, though that one's just the closeup. One of the FireFly renders is a full body view of her.

  • This is just a quick render I did this morning while playing with Karth's Dyn Short Dress for LaFemme, which I just picked up yesterday. The hair is me playing with Biscuits Echo Hair. She includes so many morphs, it's easy to get her hair products to look different every time you use it. The pose is one from Ilona's Essential's Pose Set for LaFemme. The lights are from one of Ghostship's goodies.


  • @vilters, hi Tony.
    I was wondering, what are the repairs you have done and what are the spots you look at if you handle a new figure?
    I have La Femme installed and i am working on my first scene with her...and there is nothing to complain about here...in my opinion.
    Im curious, please make me have a clue!

  • Ambiendshade showed a Problem that happens if you bend the hand to far, the area below the thumb is dented than. He showed how to correct it, BH already declared this would be fixed.

    Some People complained about the large tigh gap and the somewhat strange bening when you lower the arms. Both was made for clothing (dynamic and Fitting Room) and can be changed by morphs.

    I still have to find a real Problem with the figure. Works great for me, also La Femme obviously is accepted by at least some vendors. Her category on Rendo grows every day.

  • @bantha Blackhearted addressed all these questions here: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/?thread_id=2930755&page_number=8

    And included a link to a freebie you can download to change her default pose to close the thigh gap: Thigh Gap Close Pose

  • @vilters said in Just waiting.....:

    So Sorry for Nerd and Dee, but some find it amusing to attack me personally,
    Little did they know I am a boomerang.

    Who is "they" ... AFAIK "Nerd and Dee" did not attack you personally. So ... WTF?