Can someone show me how/where I can get paper/canvas textures?

  • Can I import textures from Photoshop or Paintool sai? I tried looking on deviant art but there's not a lot of options.

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    I'm unsure about what you need. Are you wanting paper/canvas sample image maps? I can generate asymmetrical seamless tiles.

  • You can register a paper texture in Clip Studio that was from Photoshop or a downloaded texture picture from the internet or a photo graph that you took etc.. You have bring it into CSP as a working picture ... put a selection around it and then go to Edit>Register Image as material... and in the window that appears give it a name and a location and check the box in the bottom corner called "Use for Paper Texture" ..... but the important thing before you register it is that you should go to the layer property palette and change the layer to Gray ( Grayscale) and then click the black box next to "gray" so that the white box gets de-selected.

    The reason for that last bit is that CSP paper textures don't care about color or even grayness they work be comparing the opacity of the different areas within the texture... so your texture has to contain bits that are transparent and bits that are not.... most paper textures also contain ares that are semi-transparent.

    I did post a group of fancy textures on Deviant art at For these I devised a novel faster way to instantly install them. The textures are contained in a pseudo Brush that you can download. To install a brush you just have to drag it from windows explorer onto a subtool palette. You can then delete the pseudo brush and it leaves behind the set of 12 paper textures that it contained.

  • @888toto oh dang this is super helpful, thank you!

  • @seachnasaigh I was thinking paper textures that can be overlaid on the rest of the layers without compromising the colors, but I think I'm gonna follow 888toto's advice and make my own textures. Thank you for offering though! It's so nice to see a community that's so helpful.