Bad Geometry texture coordinates?

  • Second time this has happened, an error when loading a PZ3 file into Poser, says "A geometry being read in has bad texture coordinates - they are being removed" and the file will not load other than the wireframe outlines of the scene. Anyone else experiencing this? Reopened Poser, and same wireframe comes up but no error message after that. I save frequently with backups but lost 2 days worth of work. Am I closing Poser down too soon not allowing it to save properly? Any way of saving the file (75 MB file) thanks for any help...(Poser Pro 11.1)

  • It sounds like your scene is getting corrupted. There are different reasons for this. Things I've experienced is a failing hard drive and computer crashing during a save. I would imagine if poser is closing too soon that might do it. You said you had backups on. Check your backup files to see if any are still good.

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    When saving something to Library, you see a very small yellow CD like icon spinning around in the right of the top of the Library.

    Wait till the yellow CD icon stops spinning, (save complete) ,and then close Poser.

  • @chuckbre there are two initial checks that come to mind here. Poser can deal with geometries in either of two ways: as external, Wavefront OBJ files, referenced in the geometry declaration section of a PZ3, CR2 or PP2 file, or as a geomCustom block, where the OBJ data is directly written to the library file by Poser, when it has been modified within Poser (usually by the Grouping Tool).

    The "bad texture coordinates" most likely refers to a "vt" line with too few coordinates (should have U and V values, at least). If that truncation is at the very end of a referenced OBJ file, or geomCustom block, then the geometry data is corrupt and you'll definitely need to find a backup with a complete version of the data.

  • @anomalaus thanks for the reply. The file was indeed corrupt. But why, I'm not really sure. I am worried now I may have a failing HD and was able to back everything else up.

  • @vilters Thanks!

  • @redphantom Thanks for the reply. I believe it is a corrupt file, I can't move it to another drive (or copy it for that matter) but I can delete it. It's always handy to have older copies to fall back on....