ULRIKA - New face for La Femme HELP

  • @amethystpendant

    Yes thanks, I have used that, but I haven't spent any time playing with the settings. I will give it a go.

  • Latest Iteration. Push Pull Push Pull.
    Sun light only
    Remind me again what is causing the glow under the chin/

    Getting close to point I'm going to need some beta testers - offers ?
    0_1550855916542_Ulrika 4 side. copy.jpg

  • @qazart I've also noticed a glow under LF's chin when I was rendering her the other day, but it wasn't as obvious because it wasn't a closeup. I blamed it on the lighting, but I very often use the same lighting for SuperFly renders, so not sure if that's the cause. It almost looks like there's a "ghost" light under her chin, which we can't see.

  • Do you have a fresnel blend on the hair? That could cause the inside to act like a mirror in direct sunlight

  • @amethystpendant

    The glow is there even when I DELETE the hair!

  • @anomalaus said in ULRIKA - New face for La Femme HELP:

    @qazart sorry for this mostly off-topic post, but it directly relates to eyes (V4 in this case), and a movie I went to see (you can guess which due to it's recent release, I'm sure), which is the cause of my render lockup.
    0_1550581618572_Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.03.55 am.png
    Screen shot with (URK) eyebrow artifacts, probably due to my failure to verify that all the eye related head morph also got propagated to the eyeBrow actor. D-X<
    Very much WIP.

    Nice! I see a familiar squiggle artefact! Is it related to eye size? You mentioned it might have something to do with intersecting geometry-if I recall correctly?

  • @pelagius yes, exactly! Despite the transparency map, which in the area of the render artifacts, should make the eyebrow actor completely invisible, the renderer exhibits behaviour which only occurs when facets of separate actors are intersecting. I believe it to relate to the kind of precision underflow that Poser exhibits when rendering a scene a sufficient distance from the origin, that the size of vertex coordinates in floating point precision starts to lose accuracy (i.e. the exponent gets large enough that the floating point mantissa no longer has enough binary digits to deliver the same precision of calculation as it does at the origin).

    At the loci where the facets are intersecting, the renderer does not have sufficient precision to calculate exactly which facet is in front of the other, so gives up and renders black pixels. I suspect this is only an issue when transparency is involved, as clothing/figure pokethrough normally doesn't exhibit the black pixels. Yes, it's unequivocally a bug, but one we can and should work around, since the eyebrows should never actually intersect the head of any figure.

    I did find, as reported in another thread, that V4 has a PHMBrowNarrow morph, in the Morphs++ package, IIRC, which only applies to the eyebrow, yet has a default valueOperation which should slave it to the same named morph on the head. Unfortunately, the head morph does not exist, and the eyebrow morph is hidden, so it's never seen and doesn't get applied. I created a dummy morph on V4's head, which the eyebrow narrow morph now gets slaved to, and added some extra valueOperations to dial it in when the PHMEyesSize and PHMEyesWidth morphs are active.
    0_1550992967182_Alita, Damascus Steel & War Paint.jpg
    Here I've corrected the eyebrow pokethrough.