The Renderosity image gallery.

  • I'm curious as to what the average Renderosity gallery viewer enjoys seeing from artists. There's some spectacular images that I've seen over there that I've really felt really push the boundaries between hobbyist art and professional art but those images may get one or two comments and never see anything again. Yet a v4 in a bikini in a 98% t-pose position could get 25 "wonderful image!" "Spectacular work!" comments.

    Maybe I'm looking to deep into it, but there's a few super talented artists whose images I always think of when I want inspiration yet they aren't getting the views or recognition I think they deserve.

    I also get freaked out by the large amount of images with the dead-eye stare. Even in the trending images link there is one that actually spooked me out, I had to close the image asap. I'm hyper visual so most likely I'm gonna have some wacky dream about it tonight. :c

  • Leave that one alone. The gallery over there has been a popularity contest for years. The few stroking the ego of the few. Just leave it alone.

  • I never had, or wanted, a gallery at DAZ, but I did have one at RDNA, and one at Renderosity. Of course, once RDNA announced they were closing, I took down all the images there, and just left the one at Renderosity. I sometimes go through it just to see how far I've come as far as creating and rendering images, and not all of mine are from Poser and DS.

    I'm also a Bryce fanatic, and on the 2D side of things, I'm addicted to Aophysis fractals, so my gallery has a mixture, though the Bryce and fractal images are older. I really should play with them again, though once I do, I'm lost for weeks at a time. ~rofl~

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    @johndoe641 I was in the past very active over Rendero galleries. Had many great artists on my watch list, which had only a handful comments ,but a spectacular gallery. While some other artists had 100's of comments for (sorry to say) horrible made artwork. And all "How beautiful".
    I stop participating there and upload now just then and when a image. And comments almost none anymore. After I get a few hatemails because of really constructive critic,no bashing or disrespectful critic, just suggestions to improve quality ( Like better usage of the fitting room, light or pose where body parts are sticked in other bodyparts ( hand in head, hip, etc)
    I let it be now. Don't need any drama in my live

  • I observed the same thing.Thx for posting

  • @ladonna I also don't make many comments, though certainly for those done by folks I know, especially if their artwork has been chosen for the Poser Pick of the Week. I was lucky enough to get 3 of my renders chosen in the past couple of years, so I know how great, and rewarding, that feels.

    As far as some of the comments I get, yes, most of them are as you mentioned, though mostly from the same folks who have been commenting/liking my renders for years, even if there was a 5 year break in uploads between 2012 and 2017. ~wink~

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    What @rokketman Said.

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    @miss-b I hear you ;)
    I have a few "fans" too who commenting my uploads each time. And even make constructive critics ,which I really appreciate .

  • @ladonna Well, I was just over at Renderosity, annnnnnd, one of my La Femme renders was chosen for this weeks Poser Staff Picks of the Week! ~grin~


  • To be honest, I never visited the gallery until this post.

    Mostly because I'm more into the technical aspects of Poser.
    But What I see there is almost 90% NOT inspiring, or recommendable art.
    Thus I guess I'll skip the gallery as I always did.

    I rather prefer to look at the "WIP" and other threads here, because they hold tons of useful information of how these results were achieved.

    Besides that, I also consider my own renders as "sub-par" to be posted, because they are all either rendered in FireFly (still on PP2014), or they are way off the usual "wide-hip, fat arse" renders that some here seem to adore.
    I prefer real persons, not fantasy creatures à la "Neko La Femme" with hips the size of Bournemouth, wearing impractical armour...

    Sorry if I stepped on someones's toes. That wasn't my intention. Just had to let off steam, a bit...


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    @karina LOL Karina. Thanks for the laugh in the morning.
    Other-hand, what is "normal" looking?
    I read the last days complaints about LaFemme's thigh gap . Some find it not "normal " too.
    I am as example a very little person . 160. cm currently 56 kg . With a huge thigh gap.
    My best friend is tall ,no thigh gap and a bigger but than me. I think we are both normal ;)
    But in one point you are right. Some morphed proportions on some CG girls makes me wonder how they can keep balance lol

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    @miss-b Congrats, well deserved

  • @ladonna Thank you ma'am.

  • If they make the site just a bit slower, none of them will get looked at.....................

  • 0_1550559095693_Poser Gallery Nightmare.jpg

    This is my Poser gallery nightmare. There is a lot like this at Rendo. So, I've recreated an exsample, to show everything, that makes a bad, annoying, outdated render to me.
    Over used background image, Lights, that don't match the BG picture, V4 in an unbalanced pointless pose, clothes with poke throughs, default bad expressions and dead eyes.
    I've uploaded it once at Rendo and guess what? I've even earned likes and cheering comments on it.
    Really? Come on this isn't 2006 anymore. It was not better in 2006 anyway though ;-)

  • @masterstroke lol that image.. that's what I'm talking about. Was that painful to render? :P

  • @johndoe641 It still hurts ;-)

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    @masterstroke LOL ,now I don't know what to say.

  • @masterstroke three! of my CPU cores went permanently offline in protest at renders like that, and my GPU won't talk to me any more, sob! ;_; [JK;-)]
    BTW, shouldn't that have Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr rolling in the background waves?

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