Where Can I find In-Depth Tutorials, Videos and/or Learn More About Poser?

  • Hello everyone. So, I started using poser 3 weeks ago. I knew very little about the program when I stared and I think I have come a long way in three weeks. I posted a couple of you tube videos I have done using Poser. Good start but I have a long way to go in terms of mastering this program. It's so huge and enveloping and you can do so much with Poser.

    I am not an artist by any means (although I would like to eventually get into crating digital art and 3d scuplting), my interests and hobby lies in animating. I am really fascinated by the whole process.

    My question are these.

    Steve Harms video tutorials really gave me a head start into Poser 11. While the videos are very informative and helped me a great deal, I am looking for an online school or personal trainer or in depth tutorials, to teach the full scope of Poser.

    Poser seems like this great mysterious tool that is so powerful yet there is little to no documentation or training to go along with it. I have scoured the internet for in depth tutorials and all I can find is basic ones. I cannot believe those who have mastered this program have done so by literally trial and error alone. I have been working this way and it sometimes takes me days to figure out what the problem is and what I am doing or not doing right. I need someone or somewhere, where someone can look at my work and say hey, you need to do this , or that, or this would apply to this, or this is how you animate this.

    Animation is very complicated in terms of key framing and layers. I would like to learn the correct methods instead of just mucking about until I find what works for me in a certain situation.

    The Poser manual is great at explaining each tool etc and its use in its most direct form, however there is no books or tutorials or videos that really get into the depths of the program and study each part ad function of the application in its entirety.

    Another question. Is Poser a really good choice for animation? it seems like it is but of course there is Maya and 3ds max etc. out there. How does Poser stack up to these programs?

    So if anyone knows where I can learn a great deal more and really get in depth about Poser please let me know.


  • @hueymac A few books have been published and I bought a couple. Never helped me much in making Poser art. What I did was hang out on the forums like this one and read, ask questions. If you see an image you like and want to know how they did it, just ask the artist. Some will even share lights or shaders with you. There are some great tutes by Nerd3D and the old Poser team as well.

  • Hey thanks for the heads up. I definitely plan on spending more time here and learning as much as I can. Glad to hear the more experienced folks here are willing to help. Appreciate it.

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    @hueymac What I could also recommend to you are from Renderosity the Poser tutorials.

    Otherwise, like Ghostship said. Ask, ask , ask :)

  • @Ladonna Thank you so much I did not see these tutorials available. I thought I had looked on renderosity and I did not come across these so thanks. much!

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    @hueymac You are welcome .

  • @hueymac I'm a bit worried that @eclark1849 hasn't posted here*, since his content directory has a tutorials sections 3D Content Directory - Tutorials . Have you seen those?

    *(I hope he's OK)

  • @anomalaus Earl posted links to a couple of fun videos on the HW forum the other day, so I think he's OK, just not doing much related to 3D lately.

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    @miss-b Glad to hear he is okay.

  • @ladonna Me too, as he was ill for a while last year, but I haven't heard anything like that lately. He just hasn't been posting anything 3D related in a while.

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    @miss-b Sometimes real live can really mess up. My last few months was pretty tough too and so I was not creative that much too.
    Slowly I recover from Family issues, own issues and "non inspired " issues. Try to catch up my projects and move on. In small steps .

  • @ladonna Yes, I go through those stages every now and then as well. I think it's something we all experience occasionally.

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    @miss-b But it is horrible ,non? lol

  • @ladonna Oui, c'est la vie!