Can't see PoserSurface texture in Material Room

  • Before I re-installed Poser Pro 11 the material room PoserSurface (Main) Node showed the final congregate of all the nodes applied to a flat plane. Now, If I have the render set to Superfly, it applies them to a phantom face. I've fixed this before. It requires replaceing the .obj of the face with simplesquare.obj. I just don't know the name of the obj to be replaced or where it is located.

    In Firefly, I get the results I expect (textures shown on a flat plane) but they are mostly solid white. If I look at the mouth, I do see a very washed out version of the texture.

  • Someone had posted that awhile back how to replace the head with a square or a sphere. I just don't recall who, or when it was posted. Sorry I can't be much help. I don't mess with the UI too much. I am always afraid to mess something up and can't get it back.

  • @miss-b said in New to Poser:

    @seachnasaigh said in New to Poser:

    @fbs7 You can move the default head.obz to some other place for safekeeping, or rename as original_head.obz, then substitute an OBJ of your choice, named head.obz, into the folder
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Poser 11\Content\Runtime\Geometries\MatRoomPreview

    My choice would be a pawn with a sphere (-ish) on top of a cube (-ish). But for technical reasons, I frequently overwrite/re-install and so the head is back again.

    Joe/Netherworks had a post on the old RDNA forum about how to switch it back to a sphere, and he provided a download to use. Unfortunately, with the RDNA forums long gone now, and no easy way to get in touch with him, I have no idea where that download is, or if it's even still available.

    That said, his instructions were pretty much the same as those Seach has stated here, so as long as you backup the head.obz by renaming it, you can use anything you want in place of it.

  • @amethystpendant & @pwiecek this is the ball prop typically used to supplant the James Head for material room root node previews:
    Since Poser will search for a .obj file before a compressed .obz file, the original Head.obz can actually remain in place, while the ball prop's Head.obj will be used. However, as others have advised, it never hurts to make a backup elsewhere, or rename the original.