What Happened with QUMARION?

  • Qumarion was a wonder technology. I think that was superuseful for posing figure. And I wonder what happend with that great tech.

    I know that in the next update of the 28-02-2019 they have add the scan pose in photo reference. But is not the same absolutly. Today, with the motion capture technology that have been development in cinema in the las 10 years, a new version of the qumarion can be pretty portable and easy to use, much more than the old 2012 one. For example, a simple aticulate manequin toy with specific inks dots or sensitive dots in the articulations that can be read by the software with the help of a normal camera can avoid to use cables and others internal sensors., and can be infinite better than any kind of scan photo capture. and sabe looots of time. Anyone know if Clip Studio have in mind to release a new version of this tech?

  • I think modern technology is making some other solutions possible.

    For example, here is an app by Radical which uses Artifical Intelligence and can even use the iPhone camera (professional cameras also of course) for motion capture:


  • I tried this product, but there are still limitations in artificial intelligence.
    artificial Intelligence Brain Clipart