Solution for faulty Download Manager

  • Re: Continually getting downloading error with SM Download Manager

    Is there a solution? I have tried all morning. My system can download a 4gb file in 22 minutes and not even a 100mbs with the download manager. Is there a way to bypass the manager?

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    4 gb in 22 minutes. I assume you meant Giga (G not g) and Byte (B not b which is bit). In which case your benchmark is

    4 GB / 22 minutes
    = 32000 Mb / (22 * 60) seconds
    = 24.24 Mbps (megabits per second)

    So your baseline rate is 24 Mbps, and you noted you can't even get 100 mbs (Mbps?) with download manager. Well of course you can't - your baseline is 24 - you are not going to see 100.

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    Meanwhile could you say more about what is happening? "I have tried all morning" sounds like the downloads don't finish - is that so?

    One of the primary motivations for the DLM in the first place was to make it able to recover from partial download errors. Honestly I don't know why that is so hard - I write network software and a restartable download engine is only about a half-hour of work.

    I seem to recall learning that the latest release of Poser was going to replace the "complex" download manager with simpler, more direct downloads. I don't know what became of that.