Mimic Pro Standalone for Poser (want to buy)

  • The version which imports video as reference (version 3 I think).
    Can anyone help me with that at all please ?

  • @omega-man given the implicit limitation which the integrated Talk Designer in Poser Pro 11 exhibits, i.e. only able to select audio files for lip sync, rather than video file formats, would it not be a relatively simple matter to extract the audio from the video you wish to use? There are online audio converters and free downloads of tools such as VLC, which support both Windows and MacOS.

    I went looking for Mimic Pro on my Mac, remembering that I'd previously owned and used the software, but could not find it, then realised it's age implied that it was a pre-Intel only binary and therefore unsupported by macOS Sierra, which I'm running now. That limitation won't apply for Windows, of course, but this is quite old software.

  • Thanks anomalaus. Can you remember which version you might have had ?
    I was hoping to use video as a reference for fine-tuning on the fly. Also, being a standalone, I thought Mimic might be compatible with a few other softwares so have an elemnt of portabilty.

  • @omega-man the app is long gone, but my emails are in Elephant storage mode! I purchased the upgrade to DAZ Mimic 3 Pro (ps_ap061) in September 2004, having initially had to wait impatiently for the developers to produce a mac compatible version.

    In 2011, I can see emails from forum postings querying whether Mimic would be updated to work in MacOS X. I don't think that ever happened, and the last few macOS versions dropped support for Rosetta, which allowed emulation of Motorola CPU instructions under macOS X. Since that point, the app has been purged from my system.