SF render hanging if V4 has hair

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    i just downloaded the latest update to P11.
    Before the update I could render luna hair.
    Now it says "starting" and hangs up. I can't cancel and have to reboot.
    Any advice is appreciated.

  • Just curious, did you try a different hair? Or no hair? Does it hang then?

    It will help to try and nail it down to specifics in the scene.

  • @lululee make sure you have render in separate process UNCHECKED. See if that helps.

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    I do have the separate process unchecked and I have tried it with a number
    of different hair products.
    Before I installed the update it was fine.

  • @lululee Every once in a while, Superfly will hang on the render almost immediately. But, it's always when I have been setting up a render and cancel, render, make a change, cancel, render, etc. I just close Poser and re-start it and render the image and all goes well.

  • @lululee

    Are you rendering with CPU or GPU?
    If you rendering with GPU,please turn off Branch path tracing,this will hang the rendering on any GPU,in previous update we can use BPT
    Here are my basic render settings for GPU rendering,you can tweak them as you wish,30 samples is mostly enough for good renders,but still I would recommend at least 50

    alt text

    Hope this helps