Recommendations for walking pose packs for PE and LaFemme.

  • I've tried the few random V4 poses I have on both figures and while LaFemme seems to take the poses better than PE, they're more miss then hit. Surprisingly I don't have any specific walk poses besides the few default ones for Poser and the hip/shoulder angles tend to be wonky on those.

    If there's a good walk animation out there that won't take much to work on PE/LF, that might be a better alternative. I can simply use random frames to get multiple walk poses. Just as long as it's a normal walk and not for a catwalk or based on someone wearing 6 inch heels. :P


  • G2F poses work much better with PE than do V4 poses. I have a pose set called Walking V4 by Wenke, which has different foot poses for each walking pose. I see he has a second set, too. I've had to cobble together a walking library from various pose sets for G2F.

  • @robzhena I didn't even consider looking at Genesis poses. Would I have to convert the poses to something Poser reads or is it just something I can load from my Poser runtime?

  • @johndoe641 If you select G2F pose sets that are Poser compatible (I'd say 75 percent), you will have the Poser Companion Files in your Poser runtime. The poses use DSON, but unlike other DSON uses, it's fast. You can also use @nagra_00's pose converter and pose converter data update to batch convert V4 poses to PE. It works quite well.