Poser P11 FBX to CSP EX

  • Notes on exporting from Poser Pro 11 to FBX for use in Clip Studio Paint EX
    (cross-posting this to Poser forum)

    Before exporting, combine the figures. Hide the unseen polygons.

    At time of exporting to FBX:

    • export single frame

    • Select only the combined figure (you can inspect choices in the hierarchy pop-up)

    • another pop-up appears after you accept; this is Export Options

    In the Export Options pop-up:

    • select Custom units and input 10 %
    • select ONLY: Bake all morphs, Bake diffuse colour etc; Bake transparency etc ( I use RGB_Zero); invert transmap; Compile texture atlas; Maximum texture size (I use 128 and select power of 2);
    • select Embed Media FBX fily type: Binary; FBX Format Version: FBX 2014.
    • select Include Geometry.

    You don't need Normals, you don't need rigging, you don't need every frame as keyframe.

  • My graphic result is here (not artistic, only an example to show it works)