Playing with old content - BUM files in PP11 ?

  • Poser old-timer here. I have some vintage stuff which uses the BUM format as part of the texturing. Poser Pro11 gets a headache when loading the content. What's the trick again, to update the BUM, please ? Do I change it to BMP or something ?

  • It's been a long time since I've seen this issue. There is a thread over at Renderosity, you might want to go there and search for it.
    But I believe, since it's only an image file, you could convert those BUM files to .png, and they should work.

  • @ibr_remote said in Playing with old content - BUM files in PP11 ?:

    Do I change it to BMP or something ?

    To the best of my recollection, BUM files are just .BMPs. You can rename the extension to make them acceptable, and in the modern Poser material room they should be plugged into the gradient bump node.


    If the BUM file was originally created on Poser 4 running under Windows, it will be wrong. (See The Great Bump Map Disaster for details.) Many creators supplied their bump maps as JPEGs for the end user to convert, in order to save space in the download, and if you still have them you'd be better off using those instead.

    Or even better, don't bother at all, since many of them are nothing more than desaturated versions of the colour map. If you really want that effect - and it can be better than nothing - you can simply plug the colour map into the (new) bump node as well.

  • @englishbob Thanks !!