Changing Wardrobe Wizard's "Save Results to..." location

  • Howdy, all

    (Searched out and read all the posts concerned with or mentioning WW. No luck.)

    I've had the standalone Wardrobe Wizard for years, and usually put it to good use. Now I'm in Poser 11 Pro, having the built-in WW. Works for me.

    BUT: any time I select CONVERT from the menu, the "Save result to this library" location defaults to a location in my C:\Users directory, and I never keep content on my C: drive (my D: drive is for graphics, and Poser's long since been taught this). Doesn't matter how many times I point WW to my preferred location for saves; it keeps coming up with that useless location, and it won't even let me paste in a location; I have to manually seek it out and set it.

    Anyone have any notion how I can point WW permanently to my preferred new/converted material?

    Many thanks.

  • This is the information in WW for Poser 11.1 when you click on the ? button in the "save results to this library"

    "Select where you want the resulting conversions to be saved to.

    The default is the current user's Poser 11.1 Content folder.

    For the Poser 11.1 library select the Smith Micro\Poser 11.1 folder.
    For the Downloads library select the Poser 11.1\Downloads folder.
    For C:\My_Poser_Stuff\Runtime select C:\My_Poser_Stuff.

    Or to say the same thing a different way.
    Select the directory above Runtime for the library that you wish the resulting conversion to be delivered into. Converted clothing figures will then be found in the Figures library in a folder named WW character name.

    Hair and props follow a similar format."

    Where you set up the content library is up to the user. Mine is on a second drive in the box. As a result my WW defaults to the F drive. I use the C drive for programs and usually use an external dive for my files. I used the second hard drive for P11.1 content so it wouldn't confuse me with the original content from P11.