...a-a-a-a-and... resolved.

  • Re: Changing Wardrobe Wizard's "Save Results to..." location

    Get me mad enough and I find my own programming solutions. grrr Maybe this'll help someone else.

    Traced through to a file named ww_P11_GUI.py. Suspected it had to be in some "GUI" file.

    Around like 863 and 866 (YMMV), I found where the proggy was assigning values to the "outputfolder" variable. In each case, I commented out the existing lines, and on COPIES I changed what was being assigned (the first was
    outputfolder = string.split(settingsLines[2],"=")[1]
    and the second was
    outputfolder = poser.ContentRootLocation()
    In each case I replaced the value per se with my own value:
    outputfolder = "D:\Graphics\3D Art\Poser Runtime Art\WWConversions"

    Although later findings indicate that those two fixes may not be necessary, I left 'em, as running those couple of subs in the Python Shell still gave me the correct value, and I don't want to mess anything up.

    One last finding was where a lot of the earlier-defined variables came up for air one last time. Circa line 930 (def defaultSettings()), outputfolder is again defined, this with a "poser.ContentRootLocation(). Commented that one out and replaced it with my variable (the CORRECT file location) and lo! and behold, it now puts my conversions where I want them.

    I'd've pled for some kind of button allowing me to save my own default location, but I'm not sure how to do that (yet) in python.

    T'was fun to troubleshoot. A warning: all but the ww.py file are in plain-vanilla python english. The other files are fun to look through, but make sure if you're going to experiment you BACK UP the python files in those directories. If you have the real one, you can always recover the real files. Mess with them thinking you're invulnerable can net you time lost reinstalling Poser.

    (never make me mad at a code module)