Fix morphed eye rotation

  • I have a morphed charcter for V4, and her eyes are off by ~3 degrees to correct I add -3 to the right and +3 to the left. Is there a way I can add those values to the base so I don't need to do it every time I change the eye position, because I will and do forget!

  • @amethystpendant yes, easily. In Poser Pro, choose the Side-Side (y-rot) parameter on one eye, and select Edit Dependencies... from that parameter's properties dropdown menu (click the triangle on the right):
    0_1551692209551_Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 8.34.36 pm.png
    Within the Dependency Editor palette, with the Value Operations tab selected, click the New Value Op button below the list, and select Delta Add
    0_1551692276165_Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 8.35.22 pm.png
    Once that's created a new entry in the list of valueOps, choose the Head actor, and the morph which you want to control the default eye direction with, then you can enter either 3.0 or -3.0 (according to which way that eye will rotate) as the Strength parameter. (Strength is duplicated to the deltaAddDelta parameter within the character's .cr2 file, once you've saved it back to the library.

    Repeat the process with the other eye and then save the character back to the library.

    If you subsequently open the file in a text editor, you will see the following lines have been added to each eye's yrot parameter:

    				Figure 1
    			strength -3.000000
    			deltaAddDelta -3.000000

    with the appropriate sign for that eye.

    Simply dialling up that morph on the head, will proportionally rotate the eyes to match.

  • @amethystpendant I'm going to add a caveat here, to assuage my sense of anatomical correctness. It feels to me like a bad idea to be rotating eyes to match the iris position with a particular facial/eyelid shape. In my experience of creating facial morphs, it's always better to keep the eyes pointing forward and move the eyeballs in or out on the x-axis to match the iris position to the tallest part of the eyelids. That's only a little bit harder to do, given that the eyes' translation dials are normally hidden, and need to be unhidden to easily add valueOperations to them within Poser Pro.

    In the past, it never troubled me, because I was frequently and comfortably hand-editing CR2 files, and could easily fix any mistakes I made that way. Now that we have the GUI tools to do this in Poser Pro, it's a lot easier to experiment with different values to find the right proportions for morphs controlling actor positions and attitudes.

    Oh, I meant to ask if the morphs have been created externally, and caused the eye directions to change? Eyeball morphs are a bad idea if they affect where the centre of the essentially spherical eyeball happens to be, then eye rotations will definitely cause problems with intersecting eyelids, etc.

  • @anomalaus Thanks for that, I will have a look. Not sure how the eyes got out of alignment as the character morph was all created with dial (mainly Morphs++) I might have made the eyes deeper set but didn't, as far as I know adjust their width etc, although I think I did change the "face size" with the morphs++ dials.