Figure: "linkParms" : WHY are they "deprecated" and frowned upon?

  • I just read this again in a recent post where someone mentioned that he removed all the "linkParms" from his version of V4 because:
    "they were made deprecated by the Poser developers." #1

    I mean, WHY are the deprecated, and what replaces them?


    For me they are absolutely essential in SASHA-16 because only these make sure that:

    • If I dial in a partial body morph for, let's say: the chest.
      then the dial in the chest should be set to that value.
      So far so good, and it can easily be done with a dependency.

    • BUT: If I go to the chest and try to reset that dial, the master parameter WILL NOT follow suit!
      So I'm actually left with two settings now: the one in the body master, and my individual setting in the body part.

    • Linking both dials with a "linkParm" line will do exactly that!

    Another example:

    Take a look at SASHA's eyes:

    • You can grab either of them and rotate them directly with the mouse, or use the eye's rotation dials.
      The other eye will unconditionally follow suite!
      You couldn't do this without choreographing both eyes with a set of "linkParms"!
      (Well actually, you could try using the DAZ "EyesUp/Down/SideSide" dials. Good luck with hunting for them every time you want to pose the eyes, instead of just grabbing the eye and moving it!)

    And here's the challenge:

    • Present me with ONE viable solution to synchronize/choreograph two dials in different actors!

    • Prerequisite:
      It must work in P10/PP2014!

    THEN, but ONLY THEN, you may call the "linkParm" feature "deprecated" again!

    Just because something is old doesn't mean you just throw it away... :/


    Footnote #1:
    "The Poser developers": Which one of the two?? XD

  • @karina Hi, I think that SM will cause a lot of Poser users to halt at the version they are currently using. This will effectively reduce their upgraders and the number of Poser users who subsequently buy the latest characters/props, etc. I assume that V4/M4 and the poses and the years and years of paid for content will suddenly cease to work in the newer versions of Poser. If they do that, they are likely to kill Poser as users will simply move to Daz Studio and have done. I believe that V4/M4 and all their peripheral content still work in Daz Studio... Why wouldn't they?

  • I just checked with Nerd (Chuck).

    Somewhere along the way something must have been misunderstood. No, linkparms were NOT deprecated in Poser 11. They still work fine.

    Master Sync (in Poser 11) is an easier way to link parameters together, but it STILL cannot replace linkParm.

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    Something can be deprecated and still work fine. Claiming that it still works fine is not a contradiction.

    Deprecated (in software) means it may stop working in the future, and so you should stop adding more content that requires it or you may shoot yourself in the foot.

    Usually, deprecated features come with a newer, better alternative that you should be using. Karina is noting the absence of a newer, better alternative. This is the essence of the objection.

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    Having said that, I made a search and the only evidence that I can find of linkparm deprecation is in comments made by anomalaus. Comments made with no reference to official word on it, so perhaps anomalaus could step in and speak to this.

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    7 months ago

    @anomalaus said in Environment; EZDome, EnvironmentTexture, et al:

    These shaderNodeParms are driven by invisible, internal built-in mechanisms in Poser (perhaps the long deprecated LinkParm technique, but there is no reference to that in the scene file).

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    2 years ago:

    @anomalaus said in Project e:

    I just thought to ask whether you're using masterSynched ERC in project-e? I ask because this seems to be the preferred replacement by SMS for the now more-or-less deprecated LinkParms that were so thoroughly woven into V4's innards, to allow modification of a slaved morph value on a body part to affect the master and hence all the other body parts with that morph. I also ask because it's a major pain to convert poses designed for linkParms, where the same dial value gets saved to the library for both master and slave parameters, to the masterSynched system, which only uses ERC from the master to the slave and goes out of control if a linkParmed pose gets applied to a figure that's been converted to masterSync only (as I've done with my weight mapped V4). Conversion of such poses only works by loading separate linkParm and masterSync figures into a scene, applying the pose to both and then using the masterSync ERC direction to determine which of the previously linkParmed parameters should be zeroed.

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    It's all anomalaus ----

    @anomalaus said in Problems with V4.2 morphs++:

    @maestro Ah! that sounds like linkParm operation, a facility which may have even pre-dated valueOperations (ERC), whereby parameter dial changes on a body part can be propagated back to their master on the BODY. LinkParms are an old technique from around the time of V3? & V4 figures. It is now deprecated (in that it no longer appears in figures bundled with Poser, IIRC), in favour of the masterSync system, which, of course, has it's own set of problems and incompatibilities (just ask @erogenesis about his PE development trials with masterSync. Or better still, don't. I'm sure he doesn't need the stress ;-) ). You still haven't mentioned what version of Poser you're using, so I can't judge whether that would have been a complication.

    Methinks anomalaus misused the word deprecated. Yes in general English it means to disapprove of or discourage, but it has a very specific sense in regard to software features:

    Based on what I find, it is not at all deprecated.

    "While a deprecated software feature remains in the software, its use may raise warning messages recommending alternative practices; deprecated status may also indicate the feature will be removed in the future. Features are deprecated rather than immediately removed, to provide backward compatibility, and to give programmers time to bring affected code into compliance with the new standard."

  • Thank you @bagginsbill for finding the posts, and for the additional explanations.

    Yes, I think it were these I remembered, and it made me somewhat uneasy because I have hundreds of linkParms in SASHA and was wondering whether it would make sense to still use them if there is a more modern replacement available.
    So I guess it is safe to keep them.

    Thank you all for your replies!


  • I must express my appreciation for all those engaging in this discussion in my enforced absence. I have made several attempts to respond at length to this valid query. Every one has been interrupted and aborted by unforeseen life events (trivial, but distracting) or natural (thunderstorms and lightning strikes causing momentary power outages and dumping my half composed replies into the quantum bit bucket).

    I am chronically time-poor, at the moment, but will make my best efforts to finalise and post my answers and rationalisations ASAP (having finally saved what I've composed so far to other devices, so as not to have to start from scratch every time).

    More soon(ish), I hope... :-)