Rendering Sketchup 3d model in CSP

  • Sketchup is a simple and wornderfull 3D cad, very usefull for backgrounds or mechanical object like cars.

    The problem is that whenever I export a model in .obj format, whne I drop it inside CSP the rendering is ugly. Most of the time the models are dark grey or black, no lines are rendered. I tried to clean up my models deleting every material or textures. No result.

    Is there a way to tune CSP rendering or prepare model in the right way.

    (sorry for my english) Thank you.

  • To use an OBJ model from Sketchup, apply Lighting and click the Line and Tone Effect button in the Layer Property Palette. You may also have to reduce the Outline Opacity in the Tool Palette.

  • Still black! My model came from Sketchup and is white, but inside CSP become black, even if lighting is enabled.

  • Did you lower the Opacity of the Outline

  • Yes, you are right. Playing with color, opacity, Line and tone effect I can reach a result. Not perfect as I wish but ok.

    Many thanks