Can I safely buy a 2070 series graphics card for Poser already?

  • @shvrdavid yep. If I go crazy with the maps or a scene with lots of stuff then one of my GPU's crawls while the other with a slightly more memory runs circles around it. To get around this I re-use textures. I have a preset that loads in my mouth textures and shaders and I use this on all V4 characters if I have multiple in the scene. Same goes for eyes and hair.

  • About cards you need for Poser:
    I mentioned my old GTX 560. It had only one Gig of VRAM while my system has only 8GB of RAM.
    Performance was such that I decided to replace it only after 5 years, be it that I exercised some care about what to load and what not, and did only CPU render. I decided to replace it first of all because the fan audibly started to wear out.

  • @shvrdavid said in Can I safely buy a 2070 series graphics card for Poser already?:

    GPU page swapping, is a pain in the butt. For multiple reasons.

    Read thru this, and keep in mind this is just for Cuda....

    AMD has the exact same thing with the ProRender Engine - and it doesn't care if you have a Nvidia card or an AMD card.

  • @ssgbryan That's just it. As a noob I see a program that I spent $ on. Yeah, I have Poser 10, not 11. But yeah, I want more photorealistic renders. As a noob, I end up stumbling into (free) Blender and find out hey I can cycle render and it looks good! It may take some time but it does not care what card I have. It lets me cycle render with CPU only, GPU only, or I can use both! Ok back to that other program I paid for. I like those Blender results so I would like to upgrade to Poser 11 Pro. Then it's like oh I have to use this card series only. But I realize the minimum recommended spec card is ridiculously underpowered and a better card is overpriced. As a noob, I don't understand the complexity of programming or the reasons why they decided on one Nvidia chip. I like Poser because I find the interface easy. But I don't like being forced into buying into one brand. I am not an AMD fanboy but I see what appears to be an attempt to shut them out from competing. To top it all off I realize the reality "my computer is too dang old". I am willing to spend the money but I want to future proof my new build. "Sorry we don't support the new cards" but Blender just works, it doesn't care. So my options are to upgrade now and probably again shortly later. Or... forget about Poser and wait until the next generation of everything is out both hardware and software. Tell you the truth I suck at using Blender but who knows? A cheap $150 card will work on a free program until I can learn it better without the major computer upgrade. The more I end up using it I may end up liking it more and more. That's the way I am likely to go. I have lots to learn yet and it's just a hobby. It's a hobby I don't want to sink much money into until I know that I can create something decent. I see very inspirational renders and original content here and all over the internet.

    I appreciate this forum. Everybody is nice. I am not trying to be a jerk. But as a noob this is the way I see things. Perhaps I am ignorant because I know so little about all of this. I should have started another thread or continued on one of my own, I apologize. But the reason I did post on this thread is that I was thinking about the 2070 myself. Perhaps I just started this hobby at the wrong time. These things would not annoy me if I started a few years ago and just bought the latest and greatest at that time. I just don't want to invest in a card that's on it's way out and the lack of support for new stuff has me concerned.

  • @shvrdavid

    Sadly that's true but this is down to Nvidia and how they implement that, have look on OpenCL 2.0 onwards if you have two 8GB VRAM GPUs you can have 16GB of VRAM not 8GB as per CUDA, it will be more problematic if you have one 4GB and 12GB GPU and then you are basically limited by yours 4GB GPU, I think there is limit how much Out of memory you are allowed to go in Poser, in Octane its bit simpler by adjustment of Out of memory

    This combing of VRAM is now possible in CUDA 10 I think, but maybe I'm wrong on that, but still only possible in Octane amd with RTX and NVLink and you must have same GPUs

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura


    I would recommend have opened GPU-Z and always check VRAM usage by GPU if you have multiple GPUs and adjust materials or size of materials

    Adjusting bucket size can help with faster rendering, on some GPUs I prefer 512,on some 384,256 etc, you need to do few tests and decide if its worth it


    AMD ProRender would be probably best option, although personally I would want some sort of port of Corona Renderer, I use both and used both in companies where I worked before, these companies switched from V-RAY and Octane to these SW because you can use CPU and GPU as well plus they're relative cheaper and in Corona this still same only CPU supporting renderer which is fast as many GPU based renderers and they are used more and more

    But still I'm not sure if this VRAM combining is possible with AMD ProRender as I have never been able hit limits of my VRAM, not sure if ProRender is OpenCL 2.0 or still on 1.2, I think I will do tests on that


    If you are planning to use or render in Poser only then I would suggest use Nvidia GPUs unless devs decide go route of AMD ProRender or LuxRender or Cycles which support AMD GPUs as well

    If you are using Blender then AMD GPUs is probably better option as they're usually equipped 8GB VRAM and in their better GPUs 16GB is pretty normal

    GTX1060 not sure if I would get, GTX1660 does have more CUDA cores and they're based on Turing cores which are faster than Pascal, but not sure if GTX1660 is supported in Poser SuperFly as it does use CUDA 10 and is Turing after all

    If you can find GTX1080Ti or GTX1080 or 1070Ti I would get these, but if render engines starts to support and "prefer" Turing GPU then you will end up like I have end up with Titan X Maxwell which has have one poor performance in Blender or Poser as these GPUs or Maxwell never been properly optimized for Blender or SuperFly

    If you are using Blender then I would get Vega56 or RX580/590 etc they're very nice GPUs, Radeon VII is nice card although slow if you are comparing against the RTX 2080 in gaming, in rendering it will regain lead by good margin

    Hard to recommend but all depends if you planning to render more in Poser or in Blender

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • No sweat - we were all new once. Your description is how I drifted into this happy little community. You have actually come in at a pretty good time. More and more vendors are (finally) letting go of Poser 7 and starting to use the advanced features that have been added to Poser over the past decade. Add in the fact that we can do so much more with Poser than we could just a few short years ago is an added bonus.

    Quick little dive into the software development process - Software development runs on a cycle (usually 18 - 24 months between major releases, but not always). It isn't easy to slide something like this into the current development branch. if you are on OSX, it is worse, since Sir Idiot Boy decided that messing around with the OS to accommodate the iOS crowd has thrown a spanner in the works.

    Right now, the RTX series is "all hat, no cattle". Nobody has anything out the door that will actually use the Turing cores, and it isn't going to happen anytime soon - every company has it's own software development cycle, and since Nvidia wasn't sharing anything with anyone before the release of the RTX series, everybody was pretty much caught flat-footed.

    I keep hammering on the ProRender Engine because Nvidia is a Windows only solution, whereas the ProRender Engine is GPU, CPU, and OS agnostic. (And AMD will help porting it to other applications) Going CUDA (and Apple refusing to sign off on Nvidia drivers for OSX) also cuts out all of the Mac Users. That is kinda important to me since I am still circling the airport with a 5,1 Mac Pro, waiting on the 7,1.

  • @nopose If you have Poser 10, and you want to see more photorealism, you can use Lux Render via a plugin (Reality 4 for Poser)

    (Not an endorsement. I'll be buying a copy to test it out on my own Poser versions.)