Geometry, topology for dynamic items.

  • @dk3
    MD2 could have been $99.- also. It was somewhere in that range. My recollection of $120 could be because of VAT and such. Anyway I had a lot of updates on my MD2 and it still works fine.
    They are kind people, but I do understand your love-hate relationship. Do not get me started there.
    I do not recall anyting about a DAZ plugin. I made a Poser plugin: MDBridge for Poser., and am working (slowly) on the next release. MD is still getting settled on having a published API, and support is difficult to put it mildly.
    The thing is open for anyone who has the courage to hack DAZ code.

    Yes, triangle.c. That was it. If you defined the edges counterclockwise it assumed a hole. The algorithm was quite veratile. I looked it up again. Must have been August 2000 I last touched it.

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    Responded to PM, thank you.

  • @f_verbaas
    I don't have to deal with VAT, so that might be the variance -- There was most definitely a free plugin attached - it is what got me to purchase with money I didn't even have -- Took me months to recover...

    Yep... that's it, but it is now up to version 1.6 (2005) and the holes are automated with use of the PSLG (.poly) and boundary markers.

    I love your MD/Poser bridge, but I have neither Poser11 nor MD8, so I can not use. However I downloaded your bridge back in November for study and have been watching your development. I hope to get to your level, and your work could help me accomplish what I want.