Lifting the feet.

  • Can anyone help please. I wanted to 'unstick' the feet of a model so after a bit of research I found a post by LROG that suggested the path - Figure> Use Inverse Kinetics. I tried this but nothing happens except a bit of flickering when I hover the cursor over the title. There is a side pointing arrow there but as I already mentioned, it goes nowhere. Any suggestions please?
    Thank you - Have a nice day.

  • That's a known annoyance because Poser likes to switch IK on by default, whether you want it or not.

    Open the "Hierarchy" Editor (Poser Menu > "Window"), scroll down, and manually untick everything in the "o-o IK Chains" subset.

    For future convenience, re-save your "de-IK'ed" figure to the character library as a preset and use it form now on, instead of the default figure.


  • @catdancing just uncheck IK from the figure menu. 0_1552412374146_IK.jpg

  • I think the OP is saying that he's not able to see the expanded menu.

    Are your graphics drivers current by any chance?

  • @karina
    Hi Karina - Thank you for your reply. It has certainly given me something to experiment with. I followed the Sasha 16 link included with your reply, how do I get her into my POSER?
    Interestingly I also discovered that if you right click on a figure that has been loaded to the screen you are able to select Inverse Kinetics without any issues, give it a try.

  • @deecey
    Hi Deecey. Thank you for your comment. If you see my reply to Karina you'll note that there is another way to access IK.

  • @ghostship Hi Ghostship. Thank you for your reply to my question. Whilst experimenting with the various replies I've received I have discovered that I am able to access IK by right clicking on a figure when it is loaded to the screen. Interesting.

  • @catdancing TBH I'd forgotten that was available from the Figure Menu I always use the context menu, or a pose file I have

  • Before I ever save a figure as a personal "preset" for later use, I always make sure to turn that bloody thing OFF and save my preset without.
    As I almost exclusively do render stills I rarely need iK, but sometimes (when I forgot to switch it off) it can become a massive PITA.