Creating expression morph using body morphs in La Femme

  • So I have a body morph which is my character in La Femme.
    I have created a new body morph which is the same figure with a smile.
    I want to create a smile morph which toggles between the two body morphs.

    La Femme has animatable joint centers, so the injection morph must be in the body actor I believe.
    How do I achieve this ?
    0_1552566840167_smile Ulrika..jpg

  • Hello @quazart:

    In your previous post you seemed to be a bit miffed because
    I suggested to open a new thread for this "simple" issue:

    It should indeed be simple if you were still on PP2014:

    Create a dial whose dependencies turn morph #1 OFF and at the same time turn morph #2 ON (or even turn both OFF: that can always be achieved with "valueOpKey" dependencies).
    I could write the code in 10 to 30 minutes.

    • but: in PP2014 only ATM!

    The reason I asked you to open a new thread was simply because I'm still on PP2014, and P11 has some strange new setup of the master dials (which must be in the body as much as I understand it)

    So obviously I can't be of much help here, and I thought that maybe the P11 users might chime in and give you better advise than I can, before I post misinformation here.
    And as a separate thread this is much more visible than a single post in another thread which might be washed down to page 2 in no time.

    Looking forward for the others to offer assistance because I'm also interested in how this would work.


  • I wasn't miffed with you at at all Karina. Thanks for your help.
    What I am miffed about is that when I created the morph, I was expecting that it would be an easy matter to create a dial that applied it.
    The problem is that I want as you say to switch one dial off as you switch one dial the base figure is itself a morph injection.

    So can anyone help ?

  • You would be better off isolating only the smile into a morph that can then be added to Ulrika.

    But the problem is, your smile morph also has ulrika baked into it. So the Ulrika morph is doubled up, like so:

    0_1552660591294_doubled morph.jpg

    So, you need to dial the Ulrika Smile morph to -1 to remove the double, like so:

    0_1552660683229_double removed.jpg

    What this will do is create a morph that places your smile on the default La Femme body shape. Yeah it looks weird, but that is exactly what you want.

    Now, choose File > Export > WaveFront OBJ.
    Export Single Frame.
    When you select the parts to export, click Universe to uncheck EVERYTHING. Then only select the head parts (NOT THE CONTROL CHIPS) as shown here:

    0_1552660863015_head parts.jpg

    When the Export Options dialog appears, make sure that ONLY "Include existing groups in polygon groups" is checked, like shown here:

    0_1552660980826_export options.jpg

    Assign a name to your new morph (name it differently than the previous one you made. I named mine "test" just for demonstration purposes

    Now select the figure and choose Figure > Load Full Body Morph. Select the "smile only" morph you just made. A new dial appears in the body actor.

    Dial Ulrika to 1, and dial the "smile only" morph to 1. They should look the same as the version that had both Ulrika and the smile baked in together. (Top image, the original with both morphs baked in. Bottom image, the version that adds the smile only morph to the character morph.


    The advantage of going this route is that you are not limited to using the smile morph with only Ulrika. You might be able to get it to work with other figures as well.

  • @deecey

    Correction. The images got loaded in reverse. The top image is the character morph and smile morph seperated. The bottom image is the one that originally had both combined into a single morph.

  • Damn I wish there was a longer edit limit.

    Don't dial the SMILE morph to -1. Dial the ULRIKA morph to -1 to get the face to the base La Femme with the smile.

    I think I need more coffee. 8-(

  • Thanks, yes that makes a lot of sense. Dial out Ulrika. I shall give this a try.