Poser as Painting Tool?

  • Hi there,

    I’m wondering if someone in the Poser/digital 3D rendering community could help
    Me with a question I have.

    I’m a traditional painter, and I am painting made-up scenes that are mainly composed of people with contemporary dress, with and/or surrounding by objects etc.
    To do this in the past I relied on self-composed photographs to paint from, which often involved asking friends and strangers to model for.
    This has been fine, though i imagined there must be a more efficient way digitally to
    Compose the figures in a scene myself.

    I recently became the owner of a new iPad Pro, and have been looking around for
    3D design Programs. And it seems that Poser more than accomplishes the task I have. But I haven’t purchased it yet, as I’m not sure if something so Seemingly comprehensive as Poser is necessary for what I need.

    I just need a realistic looking contemporary dress and body appearance of each figure, to be able to move and adjust and each figure in any scene composition, and that there is a varied and big enough library stock Of such figures to draw from.
    (Being able to compose a room, forest, city background would also be a plus)

    It is not necessary for example to be able to individually design the pieces of clothing
    And facial composition of each figure for what I need. Only that I imagine to have to design each detail of each figure to such minuet detail would be painstaking and unnecessary for my purposes at least.

    So I suppose my question would be would Poser be the best thing for my requirements or would it be overkill? If so is there another model design program out there that would be More suitable?

    I have been using Magic Poser and other free apps too, which I find helpful. But I need something more textured and detailed than this now.

    Hope someone can help with this:)


    Niall Dooley

  • @nickneachtain Poser's original purpose was as an aid for sketching/drawing human figures.

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    If you wonder around the render threads here, that will give you an idea of what you can get out of Poser.
    Poser is capable of a lot of detail, all but photo realistic with the right content.
    Poser will allow you to rig and set up content, but you need to create it in another program.
    Poser does not create textures or wireframes, but allows rigging and rendering of anything you create in another program.
    I do most of my creation work in Substance Painter and Blender.
    You basically need a program to create wireframes, and one to create the textures.
    After that you can set it up in Poser to render.

    You mentioned an Ipad, but Poser is PC/Mac only.

    I am not an Apple person, so I dont have much knowledge of programs used on Macs, or IOS